Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 New Years Resolutions Recap

 So I realized it is about end of the year time. Figured I'd see how this years New Years Resolutions turned out. Obviously completed ones will be lined through. Comments will be in italics


Maintain a consistent weight lifting program. It wasn't 100% perfect but I have been lifting much more than I have for years. Overall I'll call it a W.

Run over 1,000 miles. Didn't track this honestly. Rough mental math says it was closer to 600.

Ruck at least 1x a week . Didn't do this but have been rucking more consistently than in years so I'll call it a partial W.

Eat reasonably with decent consistency so I don't gain and lose the same weight 2-3 times over the year. Eh did better than the year before so it's something.

Skills/ Training:

Attend a defensive handgun course. Did not happen, tried but things kept falling through. This will roll over to next year with a high probability it will happen.

Attend a trauma based first aid class (I am due for retraining). Negatron.

Work on developing a variety of other skills as they come up by doing as much myself as possible. Did some DIY home stuff which was good. I'll call it a W

Guns and Gun Junk:

Pick up a couple holsters, pouches and assorted other stuff to get squared away for what we have.  I went a long way on this one. It is always a work in progress but a Raven Concealment Vanguard 2 and Safariland 6285 plus the War Belt it lives on were enough to make this a solid W.

Buy 2 cases of .223 ammo. Did not happen, prices are getting better but slower than I figured they would. Ended up buying 7.62x39 instead as it's prices went back to relatively normal faster.

Free float the barrel on project AR. Pending I ordered the rail in July but it hasn't showed up yet. Honestly I'm so angry about the whole thing I don't want to talk about it.

Get more spare parts. Beef up on core stuff (AR's and Glocks) and get some basic stuff for other guns. I got a fair bit of AR parts including a full BCG and a spare buttstock. Will call this a W though the non AR side of the house can still use some love.

Finally get my (already sporterized) 1903 30'06 tapped and mount a scope on it.  Sold the '03 so this one is moot.

If this gun ban madness calms down start building an AR pistol. Parts prices are getting better but I haven't gotten to this one yet. May roll over to next year.


Build up to a 1 year supply of food for 4 people. We made progress on this one. Not a win but at least a partial one.

Can something. Tried and failed (underestimated the cooking piece, no point canning junk).

Edited to include: Will upgrade this to a partial. Forgot to add that I canned some strawberry jam with an acquaintance. Could definitely repeat the process.

Pursue gardening/ fishing/ hunting as it fits with our environment and life.  Did a fair amount of fishing this late summer/ early fall.

 Energy/ Other:

Get a better solar setup. A bigger panel with a power supply and a few small lights is the answer. Goal 0 makes what I am looking for. It will cost about $400. Probably 500 once I get the lights. This would have gotten purchased late in 2012 but the whole ban madness shifted my priorities elsewhere.
Purchased the Goal 0 setup.

Get licensed to drive a motorcycle. Purchase a used enduro/ adventure touring motorcycle. Nada. Just maybe next year.

Continue putting together and refining our systems. Firm up the bug out bags and the heavy (vehicle) bug out setup. I hesitate to call this one complete as these systems are always evolving but substantial progress was made.

Re look and improve our cache situation. Substantial progress was made here.


Continue being debt free and saving. Along these lines continue not doing stupid things. 
We did some saving. Didn't do anything stupid.

Once we are done with the food storage goal get back to putting away some silver and gold. Worked food pretty hard. Did make a small gold and silver purchase when prices went down so technically it was a W.

Long Shots:

Get a DBAL for my AR. Done.

Buy some land (this mostly depends on some other things). Ended up going with the other thing. Will kick this one down the road.

Overall Assessment: Some goals were met, some others were partially met and some fell through the cracks. Overall not too bad.

Due to firearmagedon last year got pretty gun centric. Also if I am being intellectually honest it gave me an excuse to go on a bit of a gun buying spree. Last year I purchased mumble mumble number of guns including the 642, the 870 P and mumble, mumble, mumble.

I also ended up putting away 2 cases of 7.62x39 as I needed it and it was affordable, a fair bit of 12 gauge shotgun shells, several hundred rounds of .22lr and some various other ammo when it was available at sane prices and I had the cash to buy it. Ended up with a few more AR mags and a couple Glock mags also.

We moved into a better place when we got to Louisiana which is really nice. Also put some cash into getting furniture and generally upgrading our household. This isn't prep stuff but the Mrs wanted and deserved some decent stuff. The Broke College Kid home decorating plan stops being cute at some point. Of course we saved up and did it reasonably.

Along these lines we also purchased a large gun safe. An important purchase we've probably been putting off too long. 

A lot of little stuff was purchased towards getting my EDC and fighting loads right.

We got Dog. He's not actually that useful but is large and imposing looking. Odds he'll wake up, let alone eat a burglar are low but we don't actually need that, just need the burglar to go rob somebody else.

That is really all I can think of that happened in terms of preparedness.

On the down side (or not depending on how you look at it) we spent a lot of money. Of course we saved and planned for it but we ended up writing some huge checks. It goes without saying we didn't touch the emergency fund. That being said stuff isn't getting cheaper or better made so getting things we want, within reason, might not be such a bad plan anyway. Honestly limiting the percentage of our resources that is in digital accounts within the interwebz is something I wanted to do anyway.

What did you do to prepare this year?


Anonymous said...

I love how you can be as honest with the bad as you are proud of the good.
I'm about the same in accomplishments. I got some stuff, sold some stuff, learned some stuff, and taught some stuff.
Did I do everything I wanted? NO! But we are better off than we were in the prep area.
All in all, at the end of this year, me and mine are healthy and happy.
The better half and I wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas, and a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year.


Anonymous said...

Most my preps this year have been about early retirement from the fire service, buying land in Montana, and hopefully by this time next year living in Montana.Picked up a Husqvarna/sears 30 06 for 200 bones looked questionable so I beat the guy down to that price. Spent 2 hours tearing it down , and cleaning it. Not too shabby. Anyway, merry Christmas to you and your family. highdesertlivin

Harry Flashman said...

I'm genuinely impressed with the goals you set, and how many you accomplished.

My goal this time last year was to still be alive and living on the mountain the next Christmas. I have accomplished that and am satisfied.

tpals said...

I just had to go to my son for the lecture on what 7.62x39 is used for. :) I paid for a better control system and batteries for my solar setup last spring but am still waiting on the installation. Grrr. Still happy to be debt free and feel better to have a gun safe and more ammo. Had to do some major convincing to get an extra 3 month supply of prescriptions from the Dr but that's done too.

Just bought a toy: TC Contender 45LC/410. Love it.

S.Lynn said...

Got my spouse on board with homesteading lifestyle. Purchase a homestead in a "redoubt" state-want to get the hell out of Kommiefornia.

AM said...

1,000 miles in a year? That's 19.24 miles a week. That's pretty aggressive. Over 600 is damn good, that's over 11.5 miles a week. When I did my half marathon deployed, I found that getting over 12 miles a week was the point where running became a serious chore.

As far as AR projects go, I ordered two Criterion match barrels, BEFORE I DEPLOYED, and didn't get them until after I redeployed. The AR market is getting better, but some things are still back ordered.

Good luck for next year. I kept my resolution for last year, "Do not commit any genocide" just fine. I think for next year I'll resolve to not use any weapons of mass destruction.

Meister said...

I've never done a New Years resolution in my life, but I think this year I will do something similar and set goals with solid time lines included. Maybe you can run a monthly and quarterly goals accountability in your blog? It helps. I'm schedule oriented and having a deadline always keeps me honest.

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