Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gun Time Warp: Skills and Strategy Matter Not Hardware

Lets just say that tomorrow I woke up and my firearms battery was very different. Instead of the more modern guns in our current battery I had a Remington 870 Wingmaster with an 18.5inch cylinder bore barrel and a 28" modified choke, a Marlin model 60, a J frame .38, a 1911 or maybe a K frame .357 and a 30-30 Winchester. All of these guns were available a half century ago in the 1960's.

I could hunt anything in the Continental US, have a solid CCW pistol as well as a house gun a shotgun that will do anything plus a good rifle and a .22. I would be down a lot in capacity but honestly that is rarely the issue which decides the day for Joe Six Pack civilian. Realistically this setup could handle all manner of sporting, home defense and a pretty nasty Katrina like SHTF scenario. I won't lie and say it is equal to a Glock 19 and AR or AK but assuming the operator does their job in anything short of a full on war the difference in capacity is rarely needed.

What I am getting at is that skills and strategy matter a lot more than hardware. If you are on a basic guns type budget it might be worth putting money into training before looking at upgrading your guns.


riverrider said...

i think it was jeff cooper that said:"beware the man with just one gun. he likely knows how to use it." when issued a .38 as a cop in the 80's,i learned to make every round count, unlike today's spray and pray coppers. six rounds is enough if you place them properly.

Theother Ryan said...

Riverrider, That cliche saying has always bothered me. There is theoretically some individual who is really, really good with their one gun. However a lot more of the one gun types bought a little .38, took it to the range once to shoot a box of ammo then loaded it up to sit in the nightstand indefinitely. Conversely like people really into most hobbies the serious shooters end up with a fair amount of guns.

In a single attacker fight 6 shots is plenty though the Miami '86 gunfight showed that once in awhile 6 is not enough.

Aesop said...

One thing I appreciate about playing in cowboy action is that it demonstrates that a person with a SA pistol, a W97 or SxS shotgun, and a pistol-caliber carbine (let alone something with the reach of a .45-70) isn't under-armed in any sense, and that's 150 year-old technology.

Practice, tactics (and mindset) have more to do with outcomes than hardware, and only hits count.

Anonymous said...

"All of these guns were available a half century ago..."

Man, I'm feelin' pretty non-tactical right now. You just described my survival "arsenal".



Theother Ryan said...

Aesop, I suppose under armed is a relative term. Then again considering the nature of inter personal violence in the US older guns are almost always quite sufficient.

SD3, Yeah. Then again most guns have been around awhile. The 1911 was made in well 1911 or so, the High Power was made in '35, AR's and AK's were a product of the late 50's and the basic Glock pattern came out in the late 70's.

All the guns you mentioned are fine choices that will serve you well.

Anonymous said...

The Winchester 30-30 was plenty good for many Mexican revolutionaries, its light and flat and carries really easy in the woods. It has a lot to recommend it.

Mom's family 'arsenal' during the depression was a SMLE .303 bolt gun, Mossberg .22 rifle and single shot 12 gauge of indeterminate manufacture. It kept their family of 12 fed and protected.

riverrider said...

yeah but the 86 shootout isn't in your likely scenario, but if they had a 30/30, six woulda done it. that said, i saw a fellow leo cap a guy with 11 of 12 .357 in the chest at close range and had to tackle the guy to keep him from reloading his gun. he had just killed my best friend, and not only lived but died in prison almost thirty years later. sometimes nothing will substitute for one in the grape.

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