Sunday, December 8, 2013

Operational Cache Discussion Continued

After seeing some comments I didn't explain myself very well here in yesterday's post.

This overall plan serves multiple purposes. First it will give me some options in another location, specifically a pistol for CCW and a rifle well, just in case.

These videos are sort of along the lines of what I am looking at.

Secondly this plan gets some guns that do not really have a role at my primary residence out of there. This will be useful if we get robber or our house burns down.

The guns and majority of the stuff I plan to put into this are already on inventory. I may have to purchase some of the small stuff but the majority is a reallocation of stuff I have. This makes the project largely revenue neutral which is important. It would be a much larger muscle movement if I was going out to buy all the stuff today. So commentary on choosing this gun or that gun, while valuable for the overall conversation, is a moot point for me.

It is important to note this stuff is not vanishing. It is just going to a different place for a different purpose that increases my overall level of readiness. Think of it as taking $500 from checking to put it into an envelope in the safe. You still have the $500, it is just in a different place serving a slightly different purpose.

Many, if not most survivalists have the stuff to set up a little cache like this. A couple of guns that are not used regularly, some ammo, a knife,  etc. It doesn't have to be cool flashy stuff. Whatever you've got is better than nothing.

One of the biggest misconceptions about caches in my mind is that they have to be buried in the ground. Of course different types of caches have different advantages but the point is to spread out your proverbial eggs and have a capability in a location where you may need it some day.

Largely I think many survivalist's have a mental barrier against doing this sort of thing. We all like to look at the gun safe or cabinet and see a big ole pile o guns. This is something we must intentionally get past in order to be better prepared for whatever may come.

Sure a cache could get raided or whatever but your house could also be broken into or have a fire. There are inherent risks anywhere. Obviously if you choose a decent (not a crack house, etc) place the odds your stuff will sit until you need it again are pretty high.

Worst case part of the whole diversification idea is that if something happens at one location it doesn't affect the others. Say your house gets robbed, the guns you keep up at the cabin, at Uncle Bob's farm and buried up in the woods are all fine. The odds of something happening at multiple different locations is very low. Multiple locations, if not necessarily safer than the primary one decrease the odds of a 1 shot catastrophic loss.

Get past  problem admiration phase. You may never be able to afford to stash an FN-Fal and a Glock 9mm. You may never have a perfect cache location at a survivalist family member's isolated farm 100 miles away. Don't let those issues keep you waiting indefinitely. Take that old 20 gauge, .22, .243 or whatever that is gathering dust, toss some gear together and take it someplace beside the immediate vicinity of your primary residence. Just do it.

I hope this gives you a better idea of what I am doing and provokes some thought. 


riverrider said...

truer words were never spoken. this is one thing that confounds me and haunts my dreams. got to get over it n get 'er done, darn it! maybe this will be the final push i need. thanks.

Theother Ryan said...

Riverrider, You've got to get out of the problem admiration phase. Figure out the best available COA then execute it.

Anonymous said...

Would it be unwise to pack a od spray-painted gallon paint can with a greased & vacuum-packed sigma (w/ammo), a survial kit, lifeboat rations, "walkin' around" money and desicant packs? Then hang said can high and discretely, bear bag style ?

Side note; have you reviewed the milwaukee 6" folding jab saw? Considering its form factor and blade modularity, I believe it may merit a place in one's BOB.

Thanks for all your hard work. I look forward to future chapters of the book.

RD in Seattle

Theother Ryan said...

RD, I like the inventory. Up as an outside the box cache location has merit. My only concern would be how the tree looks in the late fall.

Anonymous said... Below grade.

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