Saturday, December 14, 2013

Operational Cache Pack Out

So far it is looking like:
about a dozen mags
full spare parts kit (gun minus barrel and receiver)

Revolver, j frame lightweight type
3x speed loaders
IWB holster
pocket holster

A pretty comprehensive cleaning kit that will cover both weapons.
Good EDC type folder.
Tossed in a few common mags just in case I happen to need them.

Tomorrow I'm going to buy some ammo from Lucky Gunner to go into there. Also a chest rig for the rifle. That's what will come from here. The rest I'll put together on the other end.


Matt Pounds said...

I started reading this thinking I'd have to go buy a bunch of stuff in order to make something like this happen for me. The more you write about it and the more I think, I've probably got the majority of this stuff already on hand also, so why not? You've intrigued me yet again sir.......yet again!!!!

Chris said...

Just a thought on a few things to add in there:

- Boots, or some sort of footwear. If you're like most of us you have a bunch of extras laying around.
- Socks.
- A woobie and poncho. If ponchos are too tough, a $5 4x4 tarp from Home Depot would work.
- Water bottle and purification tabs.
- A prepaid phone card ($5 value).
- $10 in singles and maybe a few quarters.

THe non-arms stuff is also extremely useful under a wide variety of circumstances...

Theother Ryan said...

Matt, I think this is a great place for redundant gear such as your old revolver/ edc knife or random bulk purchase "sure I can use a case of Mora's/ Mosin Nagants" type stuff.

Chris, Pretty sure I have boots there. Added a poncho, will try to get a woobie on that end. Some cash is not a bad idea.

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