Monday, December 30, 2013

Quote of the Day and Discussion

"I don’t (necessarily) have a safe full of handguns because I'm awaiting the end of the world, I have them because I’m awaiting the end of my ability to acquire them."
-Commander Zero

Something Zero said awhile back has stuck with me. "What if the stuff (specifically guns/ mags/ ammo/ parts but I guess it could be whatever) I have now IS ALL I AM EVER GOING TO BE ABLE TO GET?"

Honestly the need to stock guns uuber deep for some SHTF scenario is in my mind iffy. Aside from the ability to have weapons cached or in different kits multiple redundant guns do not play much of a role in my SHTF preps. That I could dig out rifle #3 to defend my home is a moot point (beyond arming another person) in my mind. More likely than not I'm coming home with rifle #1 Project AR, plus maybe some other guys stuff or on my back.

However lets say life went on without some Max Max collapse but for whatever reason I was unable to acquire more guns (etc) in the future. Could be a ban or an economic collapse that made a used Glock worth 2 months wages at a good job or whatever.

Unlike some end of the world scenario there is a distinct possibility I could be alive and kicking but suddenly without a gun/ magazine/ etc. Things happen. A gun falls in a creek, your truck gets broken into, the cabin where you store your hunting guns burns down, etc all. Say I'm that guy who has ONE mag for their gun. Mags can be lost or misplaced and even with the best accountability and maintenance they are a product designed to wear out and be replaced. That single mag for my sweet 1911 is now gone and I am screwed. I'm either going to live without one or pay dearly for another potentially dealing with shady characters or taking legal risks to get a replacement.

I bought my first firearms during the 1994-2004 AWB. I chose a Glock because I'm a smart guy. Ended up disregarding the 9mm because full capacity mags were unobtanium unless you had em prior to the ban. A friend of mine had ONE full cap factory mag that he paid $160 or something silly for. The full sized .45 model 21 was a bit big for my hand (they didn't make the SF model yet, which are nice) so I got a .40. Figured with a limit of 10 I might as well get bigger bullets. In hindsight I could have bought a Beretta 92 and got reasonably priced milsurp mags but I digress.

The years went by and thankfully that silly ban went away. I picked up some mags.

More time went by and I became a full fledged survivalist. I got to working an adult job and had some cash to spare. Around that time President Obama became the President elect and the last round of gun ban madness happened. I swore to myself that I would not let myself be in the position I was in 2004 again. I didn't control when I was born so nothing I could do about the first AWB but if I got caught in a second one it was really just my fault. So over time I spent some cash. A spare mag here, a dozen there, a Glock for my birthday, a case of ammo there, Project AR, etc all. While I'm not where I want to be the odds I will find myself without any sort of handgun, shotgun, .22 or rifle are very low.

My wife stays at home with our kids and while I make a decent living it is nothing amazing. If I can put some mags, ammo and even extra guns away over time with some sacrifice and planning the odds are most of you can too. Note that empowering sentence included the words sacrifice and planning.


Anonymous said...

You and zero. pretty much nailed it. However there is one othe point, investment. As I have stopped putting money into deferred comp from my job, I try to invest at least 200.00 a month into tangible investments. This only works out 6 months of the year, but I try. So morning and eve I scan the gun classifieds. I seek quality firearms that I feel are worth more than they are selling for.Then its time to deal. I have never lost money on a firearm, they retain there value. Winchester mod 94 are a great example, they don't make them anymore. I regularly see them for 350 out the door. Then theres the ammo, I read last week that our last lead smelter factory just shut down. Meaning the bulk of us lead will be imported. Ammo will shortly be impacted. Iff there are no premium firearm deals, I go silver. My 4 cents. Thanks for the read ryan. H D livin

Commander_Zero said...

I dunno, man. If you think that whatever youre preparing for will require you to have operational caches, patrolling skills, plates-n-NVDs, and that sort of thing, then this future you are preparing against is probably also likely to include The Powers That Be choking off your supply of leadslingers.

Interestingly, unlike many scenarios we prepare for, the restricted firearms scenario is one we have had a realistic dry run on. The '94-04 ban showed us a world of ten-round magazines, guns with no folding stocks, and heavily neutered AR's. Currently, we're seeing what a world with minimal ammo availability looks like. Both of these things have already happened on some scale, so it's extremely possible for them to happen again in a more Draconian fashion.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff all the way around (as usual).

Obvious collary is to select gear that will be compatible with what the local law enforcement/EMS/military folks already have/use in abundance.


Anonymous said...

I consider it much like Mexico's ban on civilian ownership of firearms. Many still own them, but getting caught with them could be a major problem. Sort of similar to California's ban on unregistered semi-automatic weapons since the 1980's. Theoretically, the people who owned them and did not register them could find themselves targets of LEOs later on. Iirc, only something like 10% of owners registered or sold them to remove the threat of this.

Theother Ryan said...

HDL, I pick up smokin deals on compatible stuff (say a Maverick 88 12 gauge or a Rossi .38) when possible to put away for barter or whatever.

Zero, There you go making me think! Simple answer, multiple drivers. Nods, pc, etc for a low probability high impact scenario like an EMP. Also against a potential future ban. Patrolling stuff honestly that's a skill I've picked up at work which I talk about here because folks enjoy it.

riverrider said...

idk, i'm getting past my infantry prime, so i'm transitioning to g-4. ar's are cheap again. good time to stack a few away for the late comers to the freedom games, or as an investment.

riverrider said...

idk, i'm getting past my infantry prime, so i'm transitioning to g-4. ar's are cheap again. good time to stack a few away for the late comers to the freedom games, or as an investment.

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