Sunday, December 15, 2013

Quote of the Day

"Not very often does law enforcement have to confront actual combat veterans. When they do, there are frequently heavy casualties.....

If I played golf against Tiger Woods, he could beat my a$$ with a set of rusty K-Mart clubs, just as easily as with his Pings. It's not the gear. It's what you can do with the gear."



3rdman said...

I have yet to see where a combat vet has gone up against LE anywhere in the country and win in the end with a so called high body count. There are a lot of combat vets in LE currently and a lot of vets enter LE after separation who are combat vets. The advantage LE has is they tend to bring a lot of friends with guns.

Theother Ryan said...

3rdman, A high body count is different from 'winning in the end'. As you said cops will keep coming till eventually anybody will lose. If Oscar De La Joya had to keep boxing guys from the local golden gloves till he lost, well eventually he would lost. It might be local # 9 or #25 but the end result is the same.

Mr Platt is an example of a combat veteran causing heavy casualties.

Thankfully full on crazy gunfights are generally rare which makes full on crazy gunfights with veterans a small subset of a small subset.

Monte Miles said...

Hey guys, newbie here. Who is Mr. Platt?

I am thankful that this is not a very common scenario. We have a big enough problem with our young and hopeless populace.

Theother Ryan said...

Monte Miles, Sorry this was confusing. The quote comes from our recent (1 post below this) discussion on the 1986 Miami shoot out where the bad guys were Platt and Madoxx (sp).

I agree with you entirely. Like most people who have seen war and chaos I have no wish for blood to be spilled needlessly.

Chris said...

It all depends on the scenario.

If they are facing a mechanized infantry squad conducting a cordon/breach raid, and they are inside the structure with their family around, like Jose Guerena, then even combat arms vets are screwed.

Max Velocity has written about this I think.

3rdman said...

Platt had the upper hand with the Mini 14 verse handguns. When the SHTF the FBI agents fought and some died, but they never the less fought. Thinking LE are a bunch of Barneys would be nothing short of a tactical miscalculation.

Remember very few of our soldiers had combat experience when we went into Iraq. The so called experts talked about how tough the Iraqi Army would be because of their "combat experience". It seems to me our troops did pretty well against a combat tested Army.

Now back to the combat vet, outside of the military a combat vet would not have air support, resupply drops, intel, med evac, and the backup a squad or platoon. It is just them. The cops will have all the above in some sharp or fashion. My point is do not assume because someone is a combat vet that there would be high body count. You know what they say about assumptions.

As far as Oscar is concerned,that is pretty much what he did right up to the Mayweather fight! I was supporting Oscar for the record.

Theother Ryan said...

3rdman, I usually pick quotes that pop out to me or are thought provoking. This was one of those cases. Honestly we've put more thought into this then I did before putting it up here.

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