Friday, December 13, 2013

Rough MILSURP AK Mag Clean Up Bleg

Got some AK mags from a recent order. Condition varied widely. Overall " good " condition was IMO an exaggeration. 2 are in very good/ like new condition, 1 is in legitimately very good condition, a couple MIGHT be on the bottom end of good but the majority were closer to fair. There is a lot of missing blueing and a fair amount of corrosion plus some outright rust. Can't say that I feel awesome about the deal. It wasn't so bad I won't deal with the company again but I would hesitate to buy surplus stuff from them again.

So anyway with some work and touch up on finish, if just to mitigate future corrosion issues, I think they will all be serviceable. Despite buying more than my fair share of surplus mags (mostly AK, a couple dozen HK G-3 mags just in case I get a PTR-91 some day) over the years I have never dealt with significant corrosion type issues in mags. So I need to clean these up.

Getting home tonight I just sprayed them down with some WD-40. Figure I'll take a rag to them tomorrow to see what the situation is. Sometimes a quick clean up and a rag can do miracles. However since my plan is to put most of them away for the proverbial rainy day rust issues need to be solidly licked.

I've heard of folks soaking mags in gas or kerosene to get rust off. Gas is probably the next step off the top of my head.

I'm open to input here. What have you done successfully in the past?


Raybiker73 said...

I got some MilSurp FN-FAL mags a few years ago that were in the same condition. A couple of them even had heavy rust in spots. On those ones, I knocked off the heavy stuff with 150-grit wet/dry sandpaper. Then, I hit them all with medium steel wool, then used a mild abrasive on a Dremel tip to clean them the rest of the way. I didn't want to spend the money on blueing for a bunch of knockaround mags, so I just lightly sprayed them, inside and out, with black Derusto. After that, it was just a matter of swabbing some heavier grease on the spring, spraying the inside of the mag with some Rem Oil, and reassembly. I still use them, and they've held up quite well.

Meister said...

Ultrasonic cleaner works like a champ. If that's not an option, make some Ed's red. Equal parts of Mineral Spirits, Acetone, Kerosene, and Automatic Transmission Fluid. I personally cut down the Acetone a little and soak the mags after a good cleaning with #00 steel wool.

riverrider said...

steel wool followed by SFL, solid film lubricant. ask your armorer or motor sarg for a can. let it dry really well before reassembly tho. also good for non-moving parts an firearms etc.

mrydaddy said...

I used carb cleaner on my AK mags with alot of scrubbing I had pristine mags. I then sprayed flex seal clear on the outside below the feed lips. This prevents external corrosion and gives the mags grip along the body.

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