Monday, December 2, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

It was a good week here. Ordered a gun safe, a bunch of AK mags and some shelves for the garage. The gunsafe and shelves were planned, stuff we've been waiting to pull the trigger on for awhile. The AK mags were an impromptu buy based on an excellent price.

Added a few small things to the BOB. Need to get a machete and a mosquito net then it is good to go. Organized some stuff which was good. Split a bit of firewood.

Other than that not a lot happened. Thanksgiving ate up Thursday and Friday. This weekend we didn't do a darn thing which was really needed. Next week I am going to focus on getting some traction on the book. This month was nowhere near as productive as I wanted but given that weekends went to home improvement projects that was to be expected. Honestly we needed to get our residence set up a lot more than I need to finish a book. Hoping to get it done this winter.

Toying with the idea of putting together a nonfiction "best of the blog" type book. It would be a compilation of articles covering my foundational beliefs about different subjects such as weapons, gear, food storage, finances, fitness, insurgencies, etc all. Cost is TBD but would be in the McDonalds value meal to six pack of decent beer range. Does that interest anyone?

What did you do to prepare this week?


Anonymous said...

Put aside more canned food, and more bottled water.

For some reason the wife loves buying silver coins more than I do, I love her :)

Received my trigger pack for my PTR91 back from Bill Springfield. If you or someone you know owns an HK91 style rifle, you need to get one of his trigger jobs.

Anonymous said...

Bought a pair of silcocks, the instrument used to open hose bibb (water faucet) that have handle removed and leave only a square nub to open. In the urbans after SHTF - worth the $7 price (Home Depot).

Made a couple more big chicken can alcohol stoves and purchased some steel rod stock for cutting for pot grate. Non galvanized nails would probably be a better choice - more utility. 10 bottles of $1 isopropyl alcohol for fuel.

Next project - PVC pipe for tarp tent frame, same a lightweight project that looked really nice.

Commander_Zero said...

Worked on getting the new generator set up, dumped $1800 on AR mags (owie), and picked up a SpecOpsBrand bag for my ALICE frame.

chadow10 said...

Practiced with the scoped .22. 4 out of 5 shots underneath a dime! Okay, it's only 30 meters.

Working on a homemade kiln for firing some knives that I have cut-out.

Killed a deer.

Practiced camping in the cold! Impractical to even carry enough gear to stay warm by still hunting in low temps. I would like some advice on remaining still and warm!

Anonymous said...

Chadow, still in warm during wintertime - sounds like a poncho, closed cell seat pad and a well placed tea candle will work just great. Just dig in the candle a bit into soil for stability, put on your poncho and sit over the candle which is in front of you (not on top of - IMPORTANT POINT! :^)

We've kept citrus trees from freezing draping tarps over them and religious votive candle lit under them - works well for temps overnight just above freezing.

Anonymous said...

This week we cleaned out the shelves in the kitchen, then donated things to charity thrift store, put some things on curb for give away. They all found new homes before dark.

And Yes, I would be interested in a book or disk or download of your writings.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to say, yes, I would like to play the give away game.

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