Friday, January 10, 2014

Fighting Load Contest Discussion

It has come to my attention that the first entry in the Fighting Load Contest was a bit intimidating. Prairie Patriot has a really nice setup; a Bravo company rifle, multiple sets of armor, DBAL, NOD and FLIR. Probably over 10k in stuff right there. 

It is true this is a contest. However my goal behind having prizes is to jump start a conversation about different types of fighting gear, load out's, etc all. I am more concerned with what you are using, why you are using it and how it's set up to meet your needs than how Gucci the kit is.

We have a broad range of income levels here all the way from very modest to pretty flush. Looking back at our last big EDC contest entries ran the spectrum from $1,500+ stainless Colt 1911's to Kel Tech's and no name .22 revolvers. The discussion was about what folks use, accessories that work and why they chose this or that not just how cool stuff is. We are not going to play the whole class warfare thing here. The ideas that everyone who has a dollar more than you do to put into gear is a yuppie survivalist or that anyone with a dollar less is trashy and doesn't really care about their gear will not be entertained. I will delete comments and or openly mock people if need be.

The point I am trying to make is that if your fighting load is a Mosin Nagang and an H&R .22 mag revolver with a belt of stripper clips and a day pack or a Remington 870 with a S&W revolver and a cheaper than dirt tactical vest I want to talk about it just as much as if you have a SCAR H and a Night Hawk 1911 with the coolest new stuff. You might have a setup or widget that will benefit somebody else in the same situation.

So take a picture of your stuff and do a quick write up. I received a question about whether video entries are acceptable. I hadn't thought of that but as long as I can post it on here (youtube would work) that is just fine. So all you youtube folks talk about your stuff and show it in a video and send me the link.

Fitting in with my overall tiered gear philosophy this is going to expand beyond the obvious war belts, chest rigs, plate carriers, duty belts, etc all to include  the level 2.5 sustainment of assault packs, get home bags and other smaller than a full ruck type setups to include the tactical man purse. I am not specifying that you must (or cannot) have guns in the picture. Everybody likes guns and talking about guns but if you do not want to include them that is fine too

Get your entry together.

Prizes are as follows:
1st: Blackhawk 3 day Assault Pack ($90) AND a $50 gift certificate from ($50 value) plus 2 copies of The Reluctant Partisan by John Mosby.
2nd: HERC stove from Titan Ready Water ($169 value) plus The Reluctant Partisan by John Mosby.
Note: Prizes 1 and 2 are really closely matched. As such the overall winner can pick the Lucky Gunner stuff OR the HERC. 2nd place gets what is left. 2 books will go to #1 and 1 book to #2.
3rd Place: 3 Sport Berkey Water Bottles donated by LPC Survival ($69 value)
4th Place:  A Lifestraw donated by Camping Survival ($20 value)
5th Place: A pair of Gyver Gear survival tin's
6th Place: The Western Front (hardcopy) or 3x e books by Archer Garrett.

Wildcard: This one goes to whoever I want to give it to for whatever reason I feel like. It will be a grab bag donated by yours truly. The exact makeup is TBD depending on what I have lying around  and may include books, gear, medical stuff or even a couple silver dimes. ($30+  value).

For a good example of a post reference my EDC Contest entry or Max's  Battle Belt discussion. Those should give you a good idea what type of thing I'm looking for. I will probably do a full fighting load post some time after the new year.

The contest is going to run from today 16 December to at least 1 February. Voting will start after the last entry is shown on the blog. Voting will run for about a week and will decide the winner's who get the prizes.

Disclaimer: As far as this contest is concerned I am a totalitarian dictator albeit a benevolent one. I reserve the right to remove, add or change prizes, edit entries, reject entries, scrap the results of voting or otherwise do whatever I want at any time with no advance notice. I will also retain rights to use all entries on the blog or in other way's. While I'm a reasonable guy and will listen to your concerns there is no appeals or arbitration process. Whatever I say goes so if you don't like it then don't play.

So pull out your fighting load, grab the guns from the safe and take some pics.


Meister said...

The "Vortex of Icy Destruction" has suspended my free time at the moment. I've got a bunch of updated equipment to showcase and I'll try to give the very well thought out selection of PP a run for their money. I won a prize last year so I'm not sure if I'd accept another so soon. Sure will be fun though!

FLIR, how I lust for thee.

Theother Ryan said...

Meister, I don't really have a limit on how often folks can win a prize. Given that the previous big contest was last year I'd say if you win there isn't a reason not to accept it.

I eagerly await your entry.

Prairie Patriot said...

I'm looking forward to Meister's entry and any others as well. Any ideas you all have that I didn't figure out will be welcome.

Gear is great, but you can take the fight to others with just about anything with the will and the know how to execute. On a personal note, my father fought in the Lebanese civil war and they were effective at defending their homes from the Muslim/Syrian forces with AKs, FALs and rigged up ways of carrying fighting loads. Not saying it was ideal, but it can be done. Don't overestimate tech and the latest and greatest. If you can afford it, then fantastic, but it's not end all, be all. Your skills, pt and mindset are what matter. I'm sure a lot of you know that already.

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