Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's Just One Of Those Days

So far today everything I have tried to do has gone very badly. I tried to make coffee this morning which is a simple thing I do every day. The pot spewed water, half made coffee and grounds all over the counter making a huge mess. It looked like maybe the filter had collapsed down which happens sometimes.

Tried to post Prairie Patriot's Fighting Load Contest Entry and the interweb kept eating it. Not once or twice but a half dozen times.
After cleaning up the kitchen and the coffee pot I tried to make coffee again. Same problem but the filter was fine. Might be that I need to better clean or just replace the coffee pot. At least this time I got a quarter cup of shitty coffee. Cleaned up the kitchen AGAIN.

Tried to post PP's contest entry again by breaking it up into 2 parts to use less space but that didn't work. Tried again and had all his pics and text in, was just writing my little discussion at the end part and it crapped out AGAIN.

I'm at my wits end and it is just over halfway through the day. It would be one thing if I was trying to rebuild an engine while doing organic chemistry but making coffee and doing blog stuff are routine things I do every single day.

I've been sick for the last 3 or so days. Thankfully I'm over the hump so to speak but still not feeling good.  Have a lingering cough and just enough of a headache to be annoying. So today I don't think much of anything is going to happen. Given the way things have gone so far I don't want to have this terrible luck pour over into other areas.

Last night I started soaking some beans to make chili and now they are boiling in a big pot on the stove. Since I already started that it will continue. Need to go get the rest of the stuff later today. Honestly I'm sort of winging this one which given the way today is going may not be a good thing. However since I free poured random beans to soak there isn't much going back

My plan is as follows:
beans -.5lb red, .5lb black, .75lb pinto (all rough wts)
chuck roast or other cheap beef- about 2 pounds
a can of stewed tomatoes or 2
a big onion
a bell pepper
some garlic finely chopped
cumin, red pepper flakes and seasoning salt to taste

I plan to serve it with corn bread. The goal is for me to have a few extra meals out of this batch.

Think I'll fire up the world band radio tonight. It will be the first time here in Louisiana so that is sort of special. Sitting by the fire listening to the radio sounds like a nice way to pass the evening hours.

Well here is hoping today picks up for me and that yours is going better than mine. We should be back to normal posting tomorrow.


Harry Flashman said...

Some days are bad ones. There have been a lot of those lately for everybody I guess.

Have you had a chance to look at Flashman? If so, what do you think? Is he your alter ego?

Theother Ryan said...

Harry, On an unrelated note I seem to be channeling you today. Rocking a full sized 9mm in a Miami Classic and plotting to spend the evening listening to SW. Big fun.

Haven't checked the PO box since before Christmas. Will get there probably Monday.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, everyone has problems. It is when they all happen at once that they can be hard to take. Knowing that others have problems too makes me feel less bad about mine.
Yesterday I noticed a new leak from my truck. Could be one of two things, got worse today, I'm off tomorrow, I'll check it out.
On the way home tonight the truck started to squeal as well. Damn, what next?
Wifey says, "We have no water." No problem, I just need to put a head of air in the pressure tank. With pressure, the tank started squirting water all over the inside of the pumphouse.
So, tomorrow, I'll be changing out the pressure tank before I can even get to my truck.
If you have problems, it means you're alive. If you're alive, problems can be fixed.
You have a better day tomorrow, I'll do the same.

Theother Ryan said...

DRJ, It was a rough hour or two. The day picked up from there or at least didn't get worse.

On the plus side you cheered me up, my day was better than yours! Good luck fixing those problems.

Prairie Patriot said...

Glad to hear your day got better. I need to start educating myself on SW radio. I think it would be a fun way to spend an evening instead of having the TV on.

Harry Flashman said...

Well, actually, now that I am old and infirm, I am taking over your mind and soon your entire existence will be mine. That's how I have survived for eons.

Although I may die before the transformation is complete because of these damned things you have to type in to prove you are real. I always have to try about five times to get a comment to post.

Anonymous said...

Tony Cachere Cajun seasoning is a great seasoning for chili (and most other things for that matter), it makes my meals better.

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