Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Link Dump

AK PMAGs coming to a distributor near you. I can't wait to order up a dozen. Reliable, quality, reasonably prices polymer mags will sell like hot cakes.

Gun ownership is on the rise.

New York Cops call "Knock Out Game" harassment not assault. Well that is unless you are white at which point it is a hate crime.

R Lee Ermey and Iraq Vet 888 talk the new Glock 41 and 42. Between them and Massad Ayoob folks are saying good things about the G42. It may get some legs but I think price is going to be an issue if it comes in around the usual Glock tab. Is it better than an S&W Bodyguard or Ruger LCP, probably but a couple hundred dollars better I am not so sure.

The longslide G42 .45 will probably find a modest following as a competition gun. An LEO or open carry type civilian who is packing a G21 now might as well go for a longer slide radius. I don't think many folks are CCWing a G21 now and the standard sized Glock is a bit short for a full sized Duty gun anyway.


Prairie Patriot said...

That's great news on those AK PMags. I'll need to grab some as well when they become available.

Commander_Zero said...

I too am interested in the PMAg. But, unlike AR's, AK receiver and magwell dimensions are all over the map. Before i plunk down money on a case of fifty, I'd buy one or three and try them out in my gun first. Early adoptying of anything in the gun industry is almost never a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Might be best to wait on the AK MOE PMAGS. The Gen 2 versions will have steel reinforced feedlips and locking tabs like the Bulgarian Circle 10's. The current versions are just a slightly better made Tapco imho. Nothing I would stake my life on.

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