Monday, January 6, 2014

Max Velocity Coming To A Treeline Near You!

Yes the picture is Mad Max. I included it because it's a great iconic survivalist character. Max Velocity will probably not show up wearing leather, with a 12 gauge pistol and a dog. Then again he also probably won't drive around drunk or  go on racist anti Semitic sexist tirades or threaten his pregnant ex girlfriend so that's something.    
Max has opened up his schedule to doing courses outside of his WV home training site. This would be beneficial for a group in say Minnesota or Colorado as the cost of Max traveling to you would be lower than the cost of 8-12 of you traveling to Max. Add the benefits of Max doing a tactical assessment of our site and training on home ground and this has potential to really help some folks.

Do however beware that to replicate the type of training Max does, specifically the live fire portions there are some site demands. IIRC the surface danger zone for 5.56 is something like 2,000 yards. Figure on a live fire scenario with a fair range fan (say 180 deg) and that quickly becomes a lot of land. My informal assessment is that you're either going to need a fair bit of land with multiple back stops (gravel pit not wood pile) and not a lot around it, or a huge piece of empty space. A 5 acre ranchette surrounded by other 5 acre ranchettes ain't gonna cut it. With that disclaimer aside if you want to train with Max but getting your group to WV then by all means contact Max to set up a course.

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Anonymous said...

MVT offers some great training. For square range types of things like their Combat Rifle or Combat 2 Gun class, I think he could give you the same training experience at your place as at his site.

For SUT things though like Combat Team Tactics or the Patrol class, eeeh it'd be really tough to use your place even if you had all the space for it. I can't speak for Max (although I did do one of his earlier CTT classes and am returning to do it again in a couple of months) but I bet it would take him a day or more to set up his electronic popup targets at your place. At his place each one is dug into a pit to protect the mechanism from gunfire and if you were going to set it up to that extent, boy just the setup would take a day or days. If you use standard cardboard training targets, you can still get some training but I thought the pop-up targets showing up unexpectedly all around was a huge training plus. One set of those damn things followed us all the way down the valley in an extended break-contact drill.

It's great that MVT is doing training on the road, but if your budget will allow for the travel, I strongly recommend taking the SUT classes at the site he's got all set up. I had an 1800 mile roundtrip drive to go take his class and there was at least one student in my class who came quite a bit farther than I did.

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