Friday, January 3, 2014

Operational Cache Contents List Update

In Pelican 1600 case
Revolver, lightweight j frame type
3 mags for the rifle
speed loaders- I think 5
IWB holster
Kershaw Blur
a bit of cash in small bills

100 rounds of .38 FMJ (actually 95, I put a cylinder through the wheelgun to confirm all is well)
120 rounds of Wolf JHP to load the mags a couple times

In Ammo Can
1k Wolf 7.62x39 hp ammo (actually 980, 20 went into the case)
250 rounds of .38 special
 desiccant pack

In rubbermaid type container:
gun stuff
full spare parts kit for the rifle
cleaning kit sort of an amalgamation set
1 quart of motor oil (cheap n easy lube)
1 roll paper towels
1 package q tips
10 more mags for the rifle
6x AR mags (never know)
3x G17 mags, 1x G 19 mag (half ya never know, half one may end up there)
Strike Hard chest rig

Other stuff
Mora Knife
a couple other knives (1x skinning, 1x old surplus folder, 1x el cheapo folder) that were already there.
knife sharpener (diamond rod type)
2 pair of boots
few pair of socks
couple t shirts
set of rain gear (think rubber fishermen type)
stainless steel water bottle
flint and steel
couple bic lighters
couple candles
fist sized hunk of 550 cord
hunk of cordage 
some random BDU's I think 3 pair pants,1 hat
a pair of shorts, outdoor type
2 belts 1x rigger and 1x old BDU type
an extra sling
old ball cap
small backpack- surplus german
pair of wool gloves
pair of leather gloves (or maybe just one, pack out was a hurry)
pair of warm up pants

In large backpack (el cheapo used internal frame)
another pair of boots
rain jacket
pair of sweat pants/ shirt
another t shirt
watch cap
hanging on the backpack is an oil skin type wide brimmed hat

Things I would like to have added but didn't (forgot to pack, didn't get to picking them up, etc):
medical kit- at least an IFAK and a basic boo boo kit
wool blanket
solo stove 
full tank medium sized knife
hatchet or small ax
steel cup or small mess kit
fleece jacket
lightweight shell jacket
small fishing kit
throw away cell phone
$20 in quarters

Things I would like to have added but could not afford:
Glock 19 or other concealable 9mm pistol
Ruger 10/22 take down
Military sleep system

So anyway that is my operational cache's contents. I hope it provokes some thought and helps your efforts to get better diversified.


Aesop said...

In the words of Major Kong,
"Shoot, a feller could have himself a pretty good time in Vegas with this."

tpals said...

Is this a cache just for yourself or expecting to reach with the entire family?

Anonymous said...

Good list - thanks for typing that out. I'd throw in a hammock or two as well as a pair of Teva type sandals, especially if you operate any where near water. Ruger 10/22 TD is nice, but a folding stocked standard model is nearly as compact, especially the shorter Youth barrel model.

riverrider said...

hope you packed a couple of sherpas to tote all that too, lol! ....all the phones i can find require you register them on a computer, which leaves a trail right back to you, if the net is even up when you need it. does anybody know of truly untrackable phones like they used to have?

TEOTWAWKI Blog / Alexander Wolf said...

Great work! Very impressive.

Aesop said...

FWIW, they have computer terminals available for use at the public library and FedEx/Kinkos, which solves the "trail right back to you" problem.

If you can't figure out how to get from there to a fucntional "burner" phone, you probably don't need one.

Theother Ryan said...

Aesop, Thanks.

TPALS, Kind of a muddling of the two.

Riverrider, Walmart. I set one up over the phone. Honestly I'm not too worried about the Gubmint spying on my pre paid phone. The phone would be more just to have a phone there as cell's sometimes work, especially using texts, when land lines do not.

Riverrider, Some of the ancillary stuff would get heavy but it is unlikely I would move it ALL at once. It's more there to have options.

Alexander Wolfe, Thanks,

Aesop, Yeah.

Harry Flashman said...

That's an impressive collection. Seems like you have your bases covered.

Theother Ryan said...

Harry, Thanks. Coming from you that means a lot.

riverrider said...

ryan, thanks ref the phone...just joking ref the sherpas:)

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