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Fighting Load Contest Entry #11 by Ragamuffin

Today I am proud to bring Entry #11 of our Fighting Load Contest by Ragamuffin

We'll be talking chest rigs and battle belts as well as guns and get home bags/ assault packs. Get yours together to win some great prizes including:
1st: Blackhawk 3 day Assault Pack ($90) AND a $50 gift certificate from ($50 value) plus 2 copies of The Reluctant Partisan by John Mosby.
2nd: HERC stove from Titan Ready Water ($169 value) plus The Reluctant Partisan by John Mosby.
Note: Prizes 1 and 2 are really closely matched. As such the overall winner can pick the Lucky Gunner stuff OR the HERC. 2nd place gets what is left. 2 books will go to #1 and 1 book to #2.
3rd Place: 3 Sport Berkey Water Bottles donated by LPC Survival ($69 value)
4th Place:  A Lifestraw donated by Camping Survival ($20 value)
5th Place: A pair of Gyver Gear survival tin's
6th Place: The Western Front (hardcopy) or 3x e books by Archer Garrett.
Wildcard: This one goes to whoever I want to give it to for whatever reason I feel like. It will be a grab bag donated by yours truly. The exact makeup is TBD depending on what I have lying around  and may include books, gear, medical stuff or even a couple silver dimes. ($30+  value).
For a good example of a post reference my EDC Contest entry. Those should give you a good idea what type of thing I'm looking for. I will probably do a full fighting load post some time before the contest is over.

The contest is going to run from today 16 December to  around 1 March. Voting will start after the last entry is shown on the blog. Voting will run for about a week and will decide the winner's who get the prizes. 

Pen name,
"Ragamuffin for Liberty"
Here is what I have set up thus far, as I do more tests and PE with it I will adjust as needed.
Inline image 1

Battle Belt
0. HSGI Battle Belt, inner Condor duty belt.
1. Pouch with Ontario XM-1 folding knife.
2. HSGI Double Taco (x2 mags)
3. Condor double mag stacker (x4 mags)
4. GGG (Grey Ghost Gear) Dump pouch.
5. Fox tactical GI 1qt Canteen pouch
6. GGG Slim medical pouch (attached are CAT and EMT shears)
7. GGG 5x8 Utility Pouch.
8. Pouch w/Surefire E2DL
9. Pouch with pistol mag (16rd)
10. Gerber pouch with Effect AR Muli-tool
11. Cheap Drop leg holster w/mag pouch (.40cal XDM not shown)

12. GGG Minimalist plate carrier with GGG 2L hydration pack. Level III AR500 Plates with spall coating.
13. Condor double stacker used as a radio pouch (HAM Yaesu FT60)
14. Gerber LMF2 fixed blade.
15. Pro-tec "Bravo" bump helmet

Ruck pictured is a surplus medium ALICE pack (with a couple of mag pouches that I threw on). Gloves are a cheap $4 fingerless pair from Wal-mart, they work!

Battle Belt Discussion
There is definitely a Max Velocity influence here. Large pouches are situated back to enable prone position; including room to tuck my right leg up, slightly rolling my diaphragm up to the left. Currently overall weight is just over 17lbs (with x6 mags, 1 quart of H2O, rations, etc..) I haven't decided if I want/need a harness; further hiking/running will dictate. On my left hip I wanted quick mag access but also but also secure retention of mags. Thus the combo of 1 HSGI pouch with condor's kangaroo pouch for the rest.  I put the dump pouch where it's at on the mag pouch because for me it would be too far back otherwise, and it saves belt real-estate. It's still decently low profile for my purposes.
Inline image 2
On my right hip it's a bit more crowded, but it balances the weight. The utility pouch is more like a mini survival kit including cliff bars, trail mix, blastmatch, froglube/solvent, bore snake, lifestraw etc. I love the GGG IFAK pouch, it only takes up 2 rows of molle; mine is packed with the usual IFAK items (Israeli battle dressing, tourniquet, etc). I took MV's advice in having at least 1 canteen on your BB, the extra pockets holds my compass, purification tablets and anything that didn't fit in my IFAK. After several 2 mile hikes/runs I kept my handgun in a dropleg holster, out of the way, but there if I need it. Total of two 16rd handgun mags.
Inline image 3
I have the GGG minimalist PC since I chose to only have front/back protection (if worn at all) and still maintain mobility (I like to run). And since I"m on a civilian budget for a worse case scenario, I have the heavy 7.5lb AR500Armor plates (Black Friday deals are irresistible).   Radio is optional at this point, can be switched out for mags in a crisis (pouch was on sale, cheaper than buying dedicated HHR pouch). I also have a stand alone Camelback that I can wear instead of the PC to reduce weight and still maintain water capacity. With 2L of water the PC weighs about 24.4lbs.
Inline image 4

The Protec helmet is lightweight, offers some non-ballistic protection.
The ALICE pack is currently around 22-23lbs. I won't list all the items or go into details. But it includes Mountainhouse, Emberlit stove, GI bivy cover/light sleeping bag, extra ammo, batteries, spare clothing items, and a few sandbags tossed in. Soon it will also have a homemade thermal image shield tarp.
Not pictured is a AR platform with a Aimpoint PRO red dot and a Springfield .40 cal XDM.
Inline image 7
End Post

Ryan here. I really like this setup which could be because it is very similar to my own. He's also got a few nice accessories I'd like to get to complete my setup.  There are two things I would change. The first is moving the fixed blade knife to the battle belt. I see the knife as part of your survival type load out so even if you aren't wearing the PC it should be present. Really if everything goes to hell you want some ammo and gear to live awhile for which the knife is of vital importance. That would also let you eliminate the folding knife on the belt dropping weight a tiny bit. The second thing would be to upgrade the holster. Otherwise it is an excellent setup.


RagamuffinForLiberty said...

Thanks Ryan, no pictures seen here though, anybody else or is it my problem?

Pineslayer said...

No pics here, but I like the sound of it.

Aesop said...

Ditto on the pics: non-visible.

Anonymous said...

pics, same traffic.

Theother Ryan said...

Got it folks I will fix this when I can but it will. E at least a few days.

Anonymous said...

Cool, can't wait to see the setup.
By chance what happened to #10?

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