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Fighting Load Contest Entry #14 by CarryAlert

Today I am proud to bring Entry #14 of our Fighting Load Contest by CarryAlert

We'll be talking chest rigs and battle belts as well as guns and get home bags/ assault packs. Get yours together to win some great prizes including:
1st: Blackhawk 3 day Assault Pack ($90) AND a $50 gift certificate from ($50 value) plus 2 copies of The Reluctant Partisan by John Mosby.
2nd: HERC stove from Titan Ready Water ($169 value) plus The Reluctant Partisan by John Mosby.
Note: Prizes 1 and 2 are really closely matched. As such the overall winner can pick the Lucky Gunner stuff OR the HERC. 2nd place gets what is left. 2 books will go to #1 and 1 book to #2.
3rd Place: 3 Sport Berkey Water Bottles donated by LPC Survival ($69 value)
4th Place:  A Lifestraw donated by Camping Survival ($20 value)
5th Place: A pair of Gyver Gear survival tin's
6th Place: The Western Front (hardcopy) or 3x e books by Archer Garrett.
Wildcard: This one goes to whoever I want to give it to for whatever reason I feel like. It will be a grab bag donated by yours truly. The exact makeup is TBD depending on what I have lying around  and may include books, gear, medical stuff or even a couple silver dimes. ($30+  value).
For a good example of a post reference my EDC Contest entry. Those should give you a good idea what type of thing I'm looking for. I will probably do a full fighting load post some time before the contest is over.

The contest is closed but we still have a few more posts to show due to my technological issues and some field time. Voting will start after the last entry is shown on the blog. Voting will run for about a week and will decide the winner's who get the prizes. Onto the Entry.....

This setup has evolved from my BOB into a BOB/Fighting Hybrid.  My intended scenario is bugging out about 50 miles if the SHTF which might require reacting to contact either in my vehicle or on foot.  There are a few things I would change for a light infantry setup but I think they are all possible with what I have and would only take a few minutes of reconfiguration.  Finally, this is setup for my AR10 and only provides 7 mags but it's also compatible with an AR15 and that adds 3 mags on the chest for a total of 10 mags if that fits the situation better.

I wrestled with the "how do you wear a pack with a war belt" problem for quite a while until I saw the ALSPak system and decided to try to make something like it.  The concept is that your frame sheet or for my pack (CFP90) the aluminum stays connect to your war belt by resting in a pistol pouch.  This allows your pack to rest on your hips as it would with the waist belt but when you shrug out of the shoulder straps the pack just falls behind you.  Putting the pack on is easy, you just lean forward while reaching your hands back to guide the stays into the pouches.  So far I've had no issues but I keep the original waist belt in the pack just in case :)

Here is a detailed pic of how the aluminum stays fit onto the belt:

And Here's my fighting load:

First Line
Like most I'm trying to get it right cheap first and then upgrade as needed.
-Condor War Belt
-Leapers belt inside
-double pistol mag pouch
-2x2 308 mag pouch 
-2 x homemade pack connectors (kydex inserts in pistol pouches) 
-Roly Poly dump pouch in-between 
-Glock field knife (will likely change this as I don't like how low it hangs for vehicle use)
-Blade-Tech Light Bearing holster inside a blackhawk double mag pouch 
(ghetto but it works to keep pistol secure and makes it molle compatible)
-Glock 23 with TLR3 using Glock 22 mag with XGrip spacer
-E&E kit
-double pistol mag pouch with monocular and multitool

Second Line
This is my bullets and bandaids tier, I like the integrated pouches and the flexibility to use 2 types of mags.  I added the straps across the top of the mag pouches using the 5.11 rush tier straps because I don't like bungee straps.  I would prefer a full cover across the top but buckles seem like a decent compromise of speed, stealth and security.
-HSGI Weesatch 
-Level 4 Multi Hit Plates 
-Camelbak in rear plate pocket
-Admin Pocket with frog lube, compass, pur tabs, notepad, pen, clif bar, spare parts, small cleaning kit, etc
-L to R pouches - sidewinder light, mag, mag, mag, ATS med pouch Kenwood TH-F6A
-ATS med pouch - gloves, TQ, IBD, most of a TRG Ventilated Operator Kit (npa, cath, etc) 

Primary Weapon
I recently made the move to AR10 so this isn't even close to a finished state but I had to get it workable until I can afford a Vortex 2.5-10 and a Troy rail for it.  It's a very light gun (about 9lbs with the scope) but the ammo and mags keep me honest on my PT schedule. 
-Smith and Wesson M&P 10 
-Troy BUIS
-Burris XTR 1-4

Shameless Plug:  If you have an iPhone or iPad check out my CCW iPhone app Carry Alerts at:

Ryan here: The ALICE/ pistol mag pouch thing is interesting. I just dropped my BB low enough so the ALICE rests on top. I'm curious about the contents of the E&E pouch. Otherwise no big comments, I like the setup.



Prairie Patriot said...

I do think the pack with stays is pretty interesting. It looks like the stays guide into pouches of some sort (ammo pouches or part of the system?).

Do you feel that having those on your belt sacrifices space that could be used for pouch space? Or is there PALS webbing on the outside of the stay pouches for additional modularity?

Digging the AR-10. I've been toying with the idea of .308. I like the idea of a heavier hitter, but it does translate to less rounds on a person (at least for me it would). My pop fought in the civil war in Lebanon and he swears by the AK (.30 caliber). His perspective of the M16 vs. the AK was that the AK was a street brawler and the M16 was more of a "sniper rifle" (his words, not mine). 5.56 is certainly capable, but he swears that a person would not get up from being hit with the AK round. Can of worms, I know. :)

Carry Alerts said...

I started by just putting the stays each into a pistol pouch but they seemed to hang on the cloth so I added a kydex insert to each one to make it slide better (in and out). In this version the pistol pouches were just what I had and they do seem to sacrifice space unlike the ALSPak solution (which is actually a frame sheet) and thin enough to allow molle on outside of it. one thing the pic doesn't show well is that the bottom of the pack comes down to about even with the bottom of the belt so I had to keep the pouches thin.

I like your idea of having these pouches sit inside of something rather than by themselves. I'll have to play with some ideas to see what will sit well under the pack. maybe a few sustainment pouches like Max uses or a thin (ish) butt pack.

the AR-10 has been great so far, i really feel like the manufacturers are making progress with this platform. In my neck of the woods (appalachia) I wanted a round that would have no trouble getting through thick foliage and 308 has a pretty good balance of civilian and military availability in tough times.

Anonymous said...

How much does this setup weigh?
What do you do for PT that prepares you to carry this 20 miles per day?

highdesertlivin said...

Bang for the buck, I have found the smith & Wesson to be awesome. I have a buddy with a S&W AR 10 and its nice.

Prairie Patriot said...

@Carry Alerts

I certainly can understand wanting the heavier round for a denser vegetation AO. I'm on the Missouri / Kansas border. A lot more wide open spaces around here.

Buddy of mine swears by his Armalite AR-10. Not sure how much they run, but I'm putting that and your S&W on the short list to research and hopefully try out.

Thanks for sharing your setup!

Carry Alerts said...

@Anonymous the weight for the components is roughly

Pack - 40lbs (w/o water and ammo)
Vest - 25lbs (w/o water)
Belt - 8lbs
Rifle - 11 lbs (loaded w optic)

That's about 85lbs total and I'm 5'10" about 190lbs and I've been doing crossfit for over a year and I'm no stud but it's not bad for a full load out. 20 miles a day is gonna suck no matter what.

I don't have a frame of reference for other AR-10s but it replaced an M1A scout and I have no complaints since found it local for $1200 new. It's ambi, 1 MOA (with match ammo), takes PMAGs and <8lbs stock...hard to beat for a 308 semi.

GregT said...

This reminds me of the old woodland molle integrated vest/belt/pack frame. The one that had the frame socket into the carrier on the belt, quick release so you could dump the pack and then be wearing the vest/belt system.

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