Friday, April 4, 2014

Range Report 4 April

A rare and well deserved long weekend was upon us. I headed to the range about mid day. The day was wonderful for shooting. About 70 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze, enough to keep you a bit cooler but not so much as to mess with combat type shooting. With me went the trusty Glock 19 and a couple boxes of 115 grain Wolf 9mm ammo.

I was very pleased to see the range had a nice variety of steel targets. I love shooting steel. The immediate feedback is excellent. There was a row of the small knock down ones and a stand up about the size of a person's vitals at about 15 meters as well as a fat man sized one at 75m. Big fun was had.

I'll admit it has been too long since I went pistol shooting but the day went really well. Must have been in the zone I guess. After a quick warm up I practiced shooting single handed both strong and weak side. Then worked on knocking down the steel pop up's as fast as possible. Good for finding that sweet spot between acceptable accuracy and speed, plus it was just fun.

The way that pistol is set up (Ameriglow I dot sights,  3 pound trigger connector, steel guide rod) is just excellent. I am firmly convinced it is going to become a standard set for every Glock I end up with.

The sights took awhile for me to get used to. Initially I didn't like them being used to the more conventional 3 dot sites. That being said once I got used to these they are an excellent compromise between being fast to identify and precise enough for distance work. Went 8/10 on steel at 75 meters with em which for an admittedly average pistolero is nothing to sneer at. [For the sake of truth I will admit that was one run today not an all day average at that range.] The trigger connector swap out really takes out the initial slack in the Glock trigger making for a consistent and crisp trigger pull. The guide rod while not absolutely necessary on a 9mm cuts down on perceived recoil and muzzle flip.

As is often the case shooting these days the ammo was out far before the fun was over. In any case some skills dusted off and practiced. Also recoil therapy is just fun.


Anonymous said...

Ryan, tell the forgetful old guy what guide rod you are using in that pistola. For maybe the 3rd or 4th time. Please and thank you.

Fricken' memory is gone, man. I vaguely recall once having one.


Theother Ryan said...

H, It is a standard weight captured guide rod in stainless steel, think it is a Lone Wolf model

The same thing from any place reputable such as whatever Midway/ Brownells/ ETC should be just fine too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir.


Theother Ryan said...

H, Welcome.

PMGeuze said...

If your range is the Atlanta area and is outdoors, would you recommend it?

Theother Ryan said...

PM, I'm a long way from Atlanta. Sorry.

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