Sunday, July 20, 2014

Free Men Can Own Modern Weapons

Guard your rights. Prepare for circumstances where people may try to impinge upon them. Caches are your friend.


Harry Flashman said...

People can keep their weapons only as long as the autocrats who want to take them away know that it will mean fighting.

In Europe, when the aristo's say "sh*t!" everybody squats and groans. So when they say "turn the guns in" people trundle down in orderly fashion and hand them over.

In Australia and Canada, though, a lot of those weapons went underground and the owners are waiting for better days.

Like the lead in to the "Lord of the Rings"triology said:

"But some there were, who dared to resist."

Pineslayer said...

It seems so right to those of us with a free mind. How do we free the minds of our countrymen?

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