Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday I'm In Love

Today was an interesting one. Ran at PT, crushed shoulders and biceps at the gym.

{For the record I could really give a S*#t about biceps but I am currently lifting with some dudes who roll about 50% power lifting, 25% crossfit/ functional whatever and 25% body building. Two of them are a heck of a lot stronger than me and push me to be better. I am showing huge gains working out with them. So yeah occasionally I do some stuff I don't totally agree with. However the endstate is that I am currently crushing near term PR's and in some cases passing all time PR's. If it ain't broke don't fix it.]

We got out of work early which was pleasantly surpising.

After than I took my POS broken lawn mower back to the store.I bought it less than a year ago and apparently purchased a 3 year warranty to go with it (never doing that again). After a half hour they managed to find the record that I purchased it there. I could wait 5 days for them to take it to a shop 3 miles away or drop it there myself. Said I would take it there myself. Took it to their designated repair place who politely told me the store sold me a POS mower with a totally useless warranty.  Bought a t shirt so I could change into civilian clothes because I saw the discussion back at the store maybe going bad. At this point I was willing to do anything that would not get me arrested to fix the situation. Also I had a pretty good plan to crush the store via a combination of social networking, personal appeals and just plain being a hassle to the guy.

 Got to the store. Went to customer service and nicely told the gal I could tell her my story or we could all save some time and I could talk to the manager. She made a call and in a few minutes a nice guy about my age arrived. I told him the story and we took a look at my mower. Obviously it didn't work. He called their warranty people. After ten minutes with them a guy on the phone said they had to turn it in to the repair place. I said that 'you need me to wait 5 days for you to take it to the guy who said he would not do anything, that is not acceptable.:' He said "that is what I am allowed to do.' I said that was he totally useless and asked if he would rather I just hang up or hand him back to an employee' then handed him back to an employee. Up to this point I had been totally nice but  I was about to completely flip my S(#t.

The girl at the desk then called the same manager I was talking to. They told me to go grab the same mower and bring it up. They refunded my old one and sold me a new one. So I ended up with a new one of the same thing for basically (maybe it was a buck or two different but negligible anyway) nothing. It stole 2 hours of my life but that was an acceptable outcome. The funny thing is when ringing me up the girl asked if I wanted to buy the extended warranty. I laughed quite heartily at that one.

Got home and did some long overdue mowing. Dropped off some eggs to the neighbors. The Golden Girls produce enough eggs for our families normal usage which is a ton more than I personally consume. Between a guy at work and the neighbors I gave away about 34 eggs today. Chatted with one neighbor a bit. After than I finished some trimming with the hedge trimmers. Even working from 6 to 8 it was hot sweaty work.

Tomorrow I am meeting an internet acquaintance for lunch. Should be fun and hopefully I do not get murdered (though knowing myself and him neither of us are exactly good pickings for a victim.).


Pineslayer said...

Good Friday post.

Working out with guys stronger than you is a good idea, if you don't try and beat them, yet.

I owned a Lawn Boy in the 80's. It got a serious beatdown in front of some neighbors. White trash moment, but it was unforgettable, parts everywhere.

Theother Ryan said...
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Harry Flashman said...

Sounds like you had a rough day but you triumphed in the end. My meetings with internet friends have encompassed the entire spectrum from excellent to Hitchcockesque. People can surprise you. I hope your meeting goes well. Just remember most serial killers come across as nice people. :-)

highdesertlivin said...

It drives me nuts sometimes, the way business is conducted nowadays. My wife got the newest Microsoft business, naturally we were charged twice. My wife spent 5 separate one to 1.5 hour sessions on the phone w/guys in east India. She repeatedly requested to speak to as american manager' to no avail. Finally my wife filed a complaint w/ our bank. Two weeks later our account was credited. Think of the sick, and the old that are getting screwed because they lack the energy to fight.

Pineslayer said...
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Theother Ryan said...

Pineeslayer, Yeah just caught what you actually meant. I definitely push myself on a regular basis but not in an insane 'how bout I add 100 pounds to my max' way.

Anonymous said...

On chickens and other critters in a climate somewhat nawth of Ryan (actually WAY north):

That's a dandy little blog there if any of y'all aren't familiar with it.


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