Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Just One of Those Days

Woke up in a bad mood and everything that happened at work was only successful in making it worse. I knew full well that anything people did would push my buttons and am mature enough to consider that but even then cause was definitely given. Nothing that terrible, especially since I am in a job where people literally die even in garrison, but really annoying stuff.

Today I wanted to pick up a box of Remington 168 grain Premium Match and spent my lunch hour driving to a gun store. They wanted almost $40 for a box! Silly when I can get a box of the exact same Remington 168 gr Premium Match for $30 or 200 rounds of the same stuff for $275.I'll probably buy 200 tomorrow but want to sleep on it plus my luck today is shit so I'm sure the order would get all messed up.

Note: One could potentially guess at an acquisition that has been made as well as a concept of use from this discussion. Will not currently confirm or deny anything. At this point I might be trying to figure some things out and am really not sure where it is all going to settle.  In a couple weeks or maybe a couple months we might have a conversation about something but that is a for another day.

Anyway the day started bad and went worse. The golden girls only laid 2 eggs today and somehow I managed to crack them both. Don't especially need the eggs as the produce way more than I individually eat but it was still annoying.

So to get through the rest of the day I am going to have a couple drinks, work on re watching Justified and probably nuking something for a late dinner. After that I will go to bed and hopefully sleep soundly. Maybe tomorrow will suck less. Hope your day was better than mine.


tpals said...

I certainly have days when the littlest things get under my skin.

Regarding cracked eggs; sometimes I'll scramble them and feed it back to the hens. Cooked doesn't teach them to eat raw eggs and it's a shame to waste.

Pineslayer said...

It's days like this that test your survival skills. When the reset button is hit most days will be trying. Everyday above ground is a good day, even when it isn't. I am trying to remember that when I feel like tearing a person apart with my bare hands :)

Harry Flashman said...

Those days do come along, don't they? But maybe tomorrow will be better. Mine go in streaks. A few bad ones, then some slack.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, we all get those days. Sometimes you are the dog, other days you are the hydrant.

Our cracked eggs, I just break it into the dog's food dish on a little dry dog food, dog jaws go bionic I swear.

Hope future gets brighter quick.

Theother Ryan said...

TPALS, Usually feed em to the dog.

Pineslayer, It certainly tested my ability to stay calm and collected.

Harry, Things can certainly run in batches.

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