Sunday, July 13, 2014

Managing Unknown Contacts by Southnarc

Hat tip to Defensive Training Group for finding this gem. Southnarc AKA Craig is one of the foremost experts  on the dynamics of inter personal criminal violence and definitely the foremost trainer on handling real up close personal violence. I am not saying there aren't some grizzled cops in Phoenix, Houston, LA, etc who do not have the same knowledge but they are not out teaching it to normal citizens.

Like many of you I have a list of classes to take. Mine is:pistol class, advanced pistol class, shotgun class, maybe a good precision rifle class and Southnarc's ECQC. You might note that ECQC is the only class specifically listed. The reason is that while I am truly picky about instructors (if my bad ass bio is better than theirs I pass) there are lots of great people out there doing the rest of that stuff.

Anyway the techniques laid out in this article are an excellent way to frame situations to prevent violence from occuring in the first place or at least set conditions to win.

I should note this stuff meshes pretty heavily with Street Robberies and You.

Would add stuff personally but Craig hits the nail strait on the head.


Mike P. said...

Southnarc's course is on my list for 2014 as well. Probably one of the most comprehensive of its kind.

Also check Tactical Response's The Fight!. Paintball gear, mma gloves and sim rounds takes you through a bunch of real world scenarios of shoot/dont shoot and close quarter combatives. It will humble you.

Prairie Patriot said...

I just took ECQC two weeks ago. MUC was the first 4 hour block of instruction. That by itself is worth the price of admission. Everything in the linked article is covered by this first 4 hour block. We incorporated that into our role played force on force scenarios later on in the weekend.

I can't recommend Craig Douglas' instruction enough. It was by far the best use of my time and money in a long time. I wrote up an AAR on my blog if anyone cares to read more about my experience:

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