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RE: Military Vehicles on Roads.

Got a comment to yesterdays post that seemed worth addressing here. My replies are in italics

 Yogi Berra was famous for his highly intellectual quotes, one of which was "You can see a lot just by looking around."I'm all for looking around. Anonymous is right on

How many convoy serials have you bloggers commanded?

I am in Officer in the US Army. Enough to know what I am talking about. 

DOD Regulations require convoy serials to be marked clearly with signs "Convoy ahead" and other safety related equipment to conform to State and Federal Transportation regulations. (not just wide load banners with no escort.)

Every time I have done a convoy we have the stupid Convoy signs.  As to other safety gear we have all sorts of stuff but  I am not sure what you are talking about or how it relates to the conversation we are having.

Military Vehicles in CONUS must have their unit stenciled on the front and rear bumpers for easy ID with convoy serials written in chalk that is why they are referred to as chalks when they are assembled for deployment. Mainly so the MPs can write them a ticket for speeding.

Typically I have seen unit info spray painted with stencils on vehicles but 1) the exact locations vary and 2) While customary I would be interested in seeing the exact, current, regulation that specifically says that is required. 

The video was poor quality but it is clear to this old guardsman that it was not a Guard unit heading for AT or crew eval and qual.

Don't know where you are going here at all. 

It appears to be an RA road trip but it isn't headed for the border with Mexico.

What?Don't know where this is going man.

The key question is are the really knowledgeable people always vigilant?

 This is an interesting point. If you saw a bunch of vehicles loaded up with ammo boxes and live rounds fed into their crew served weapons in blocking positions on dominant terrain at key intersections one could justifiably go to condition red. On the other hand some guys driving by from here to there is almost surely nothing.

I don't have a tinfoil hat but may get one if this S#@* keeps up.

What S*&T? What specifically is the US Military doing that is giving you concern? If you were worried about the general state of our government or some federal law enforcement agency that might be a different discussion. 

I'm curious though as to where they came from and where they went? The truckers would know.
My 8 year old grandson would have asked them where they were headed at the Rest Stop when they had to take a pee and then quizzed them about how their equipment stacks up against Bradleys, BTRs, BMPs and Barretts.

Soldiers, much to their leaders disappointment have almost 0 awareness of operational security. Honestly if you ask and are not a complete dick they will probably tell you exactly where they came from, where they are going and what they are doing. 

Are these strikers part of the Ready Brigades brought back from Iraq and deployed through out the U.S.A.?

I am an Officer on active duty in the US Army and would bet a goodly sum that I currently hold a higher security clearance than you do. I genuinely do not know WTF you are talking about with this. 

Is one of these Brigades assigned to Ft Knox or Blue Grass AD?

I dunno? You talked about Mexico earlier. This is all over the place man. 

Were they on a deployment exercise or just out for a Sunday drive perhaps?

 It is possible the individuals we are talking about were doing a short local test drive but otherwise they were headed somewhere for a purpose. They definitely were not just driving around for the sake of it, especially on a weekend.

Where were they going to play?

 Probably a local place with more ranges to train on.

Garand & Lawson say in their great book "The End of Civility" that "There is no such thing as a false alarm."

I have not read that book though it does seem interesting. They seem like fine people but I am honestly not sure what to make of the quote. Seems to me like false alarms happen all the time.

Its good quick reaction drill practice. Never forget that friends.

Having a plan is always a fine thing.

Note: Sorry if I came across too harshly here. I have my fair share of integrity and have not embellished my bona fides in any way. Given that everything cool these days is SOF I would be a lot better off here in terms of this little business to stretch the truth and infer or imply having qualifications, tabs or experience I do not have. Honestly like many folks I am smart enough at something I understand to talk a little bit more than my actual ability level in a way that only a few folks might catch.

Also I try not to talk about things I am not reasonably well informed on. 

Suppose that while I am not all in your face waving a flag and yelling about my accomplishmments  I do have a healthy dose of pride in what I have done, am doing and likely will do.  As such, especially given my aforementioned honestly at the expense of my own best interest, I probably do not handle folks questioning my background or knowledge of this type stuff very well.


Harry Flashman said...

People are nervous. Some folks have very vivid imaginations. That's a potentially volatile combination. I don't think people have to worry about the active duty military or the guard. The police, now, and the federal law "enforcement" agencies, that can be a different matter. Or maybe that's just my area of paranoia, as this writer seems to have his with the military. I'm sure a lot of people would feel a lot better about the whole issue if we didn't have the Imperial President up there in D.C. Someone who feels he is above the law and has such vast contempt for the average citizen might be capable of any number of unpleasant surprises, so there is unease. At least among those who haven't drunk the kool-aid.

Aesop said...

I refer to my comments on the original post, and would therefore like to officially claim my award of 10 points.

Referencing my original statements regarding lack of proof of anything sinister proving that something sinister is happening, I offer in evidence:

"Garand & Lawson say in their great book "The End of Civility" that "There is no such thing as a false alarm.""

And Ryan, the reason your troops show a lack of OPSEC awareness in CONUS is because traditionally, they have this annoying tendency to not view their friends and neighbors as "the enemy", but rather, "the entire point of our existence". Both when I was one of the troops, and now that I'm a civilian, I think this is generally a feature, not a bug.

The one time clear and copious warning about a pending overseas deployment were issued from everyone from regiment down to the squad leader level, 24/7/shaddup-already-we-get-it, our entire force structure, deployed units, mission, operation name, and naval task force components were printed in detail in TIME magazine two weeks before we deployed, after briefings by the White House, DoD, and FMFLant HQ.
They gave them everything but our precise course, speed, headings, waypoints, and the daily KY-58settings.

Considering this was the height of the Cold War, and we were passing in close proximity to one communist country, to deploy next to (or into, depending on whose version you believe) another communist country, I'd have to say that the OPSEC problem is one that starts a bit higher than the E-anything level.

And the day that CONUS troops treat road marches locally like far-above-TS/codeword black ops, and with no operative Congressional declaration of war in effect, is the day I will suspect that they're up to something sinister.

James said...


You need to fear any organization such as the military that has a national level structure and is at the command of a Imperial President. Local and State law enforcement are just that and have no allegiance to said Imperial President or any other federal agency for that fact. The military is being purged for two reasons and that is funding and to remove anyone who does not hold the views of our current President. So yes fear the military!!!

3rdman said...
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3rdman said...
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3rdman said...


"Garand & Lawson say in their great book "The End of Civility" that "There is no such thing as a false alarm.""

I have their book and I'm pretty sure your taking the quote out of context as to them referring to using "false alarms" as training a opportunity for your group not the fact that there really are not such a thing as false alarms.

Aesop said...


I have no doubt the quote was taken out of context.

I also have no doubt I had nothing whatsoever to do with that.

Pineslayer said...

Great post by whoever. I am one who still believes that our citizens in uniform believe as we do. I know that times are changing, but you gotta trust someone or life gets pretty bleak. Until that time arrives that I have to be scared by America's best, I will smile every time I see those convoy's.


Curt S said...

I dunno...I have spent 9ver 16 years in the military...both active and reserve... The way I see this is more of a training thing. After all, it is summer and that is the normal time for reservists to train. Maybe they were going to some boyscout camp. We used to do that as a sort of training and scout helping out deal. Build cabins, etc. As was said earlier in the comments, I would be much more worried if it were some DHS vehicles or TSA group. As for OPSEC, well, yeah, we always talked to the kids if they wanted to know something. wasn't like we were on some secret mission! While I don't trust the present gov't I doubt we have much to fear from our military as yet...that may change though.

AM said...

The PA National Guard runs Strykers, and while I havent seen the PA NG run training around Fort Knox (a bit of a drive for anything other than a mobilization trainup, or gunnery) I have seen Stryker units train at Fort Knox.

Specifically the Ranger Regiment, as they use Strykers as their preferred ground platform.

Having run more than a few convoys myself, I don't worry about convoys of military fighting vehicles on the road, especially Strykers since they are the one fighting vehicle that is cheaper to drive somewhere than rail load.

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