Friday, July 18, 2014

Stormy All Over

The weather here in Central Louisiana has been crazy. This morning it poured down rain, calmed down for a bit but was still a cool mid 70's and dark. This afternoon it dumped down rain again. I suspect we've had a few inches of rain today. When it rains like this everything floods down here. The general lack of meaningful terrain combined with the clay soil makes for water pooling up all over the place in fields, slightly low points in roads and the like.

As to the world it is all pretty much going to hell in a hand basket.

Pretty much the entire Arab world is a mess. Specifically Syria and Iraq have significant issues as of late. I have been meaning to talk about them in detail but that is for another day.

The Israelis invaded Gaza early this morning their time. This most current bout of that old fight seems to have started with 3 Israeli teenagers getting killed which lead to various retaliatory measures which were answered with rocket attacks. That led to the Israeli ground invasion.

Oh yeah and somebody, probably Russia backed paramilitary and or Spetznaz rebels, shot down a commercial airliner over Eastern Ukraine. It was a Malaysian flight (talk about bad luck after the Lost plane crash) that seems to have been predominantly full of Dutch people. For one this goes to show  the chaos of that situation. For two this sort of incident can draw the public eye and lead to other nations getting involved. Reference the Lusitania.

Our friend Harry talks about all this stuff as well as how our economy as well as our Southern Border are entirely screwed

Some days are certainly worse than others but this one does not seem good.

Here at TSLRF we recommend investing in canned food and shotguns. For those who already own a smooth bore or two put your money into shotgun shells.


Harry Flashman said...

Good advice from the Grimlin. Wish he had been handling my investments in 2007.

Theother Ryan said...

Harry, Hindsight is 20/20 but I'd say your positions in long term storage food and firearms are far more than adequate.

Pineslayer said...

Weather here in CO seems to be feast or famine when it comes to rain. 4 weeks nothing, then 10 days straight, now looks like hot and dry. My poor plants are either drowning or shriveling up. Good thing I don't have to rely on them to survive yet.

The world is too crowded and big momma has a plan to fix it, it doesn't involve unicorns farting rainbows. Time to make another run to Costco.

Theother Ryan said...

Pineslayer, This weather mess seems to be a predominantly Southern thing.

riverrider said...

libyan militias attacked the tripoli airport, destroyed a crap load of planes and infrastructure virtually unopposed by govt forces.when the cat is busy elsewhere the rats come out to play. btw, boca haram also took 200 christian girls hostage, raping then killing most, selling others. not a peep from the media about that.

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