Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Today's Happenings

1) It is hot.

2) A possibility came up that is very exciting. Don't want to say anything since it is still very much in the speculative stages and I am trying hard not too get set on it happening. However I am entirely distracted by it.

3) I have a hundred pages left to go in the newest Tom Clancy book. 

4) I'm a geo batchelor for a bit while Wifey and the kids are home to visit family.

5) Was going to go shopping for food today (on post) but realized it is payday. I would rather starve but thankfully there is a frozen pizza in the freezer.


Harry Flashman said...

Whatever it is, I hope it is legal. A guy once offered me a job flying stolen airplanes into cow pastures in Florida at night, just after I left the Marines. You can guess the cargo. I had to pass, too much of a chance of winding up in Club Fed. Besides, I knew him pretty well from the Marine Corps and finding myself with him in a dark pasture at night was not a prospect that engendered much enthusiasm on my part. He was a psychopath.

Theother Ryan said...

It's legal.

Pineslayer said...

#2 Don't forget OPSEC. re; Doomsday Preppers

#5 You lost me on that one. More food is good.

Theother Ryan said...


#2 Unless I was offered a deal that would be for life changing type money the compromises of my PERSEC (beyond where it is now) would be quite limited.

#5 We all get paid on the same day. Many folks live paycheck to paycheck. The place is totally mobbed.

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