Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day

I do not have deep thoughts about Labor Day. Organized labor did some great things for people and arguably was a major contributor to America forming a strong middle class and becoming a great nation. On the other hand in the last couple (or arguably few) decades Unions have lost sight of reality and one could say they have driven some businesses into the ground. The historically strong union areas of the upper mid west recent history read like an article about how to fail at business. I hesitate to say unions no longer have a place because I think they do. Also in other countries, most notably Germany unions are very strong and businesses do quite well. I do not know the answer to this and honestly don't really care.

Without getting muddled into the current state of unions; I greatly respect the sacrifices of folks in the first half of the 20th century. Those men who organized and stood up to exploitative and intentionally neglectful businesses in the face of clubs and bullets from hired guns as well as various levels of murderous thugs for hire with badges 'law enforcement officials' to be respected and treated decently. People like my uncles are able to make a good living for their skills and sweat in no small part due to their sacrifices. Maybe I should be more thoughtful about the whole thing but I am not.

I did not have to work today. It is approaching dinner time. I'm cooking ribs and having some Blue Moon. So it's a pretty good day here.

Hope you all have a great Labor Day.

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Pineslayer said...

Unions have their place, but most have lost their minds. I was a member of 2 unions in my work life, both sucked. They helped to keep worthless people employed while the rest of us took up the slack. It was a lesson I will never forget.

As far as Germany's workforce, the country protects its citizens from "open markets'. Meaning high tariffs, forcing most competition to go elsewhere. Open Markets don't really exist and probably never have. Case in point, a certain major supplier to US, that we get all kinds of crap from, imposes an import tax of 25% on our goods going into their country, while we impose a 2.5% fee. That is not an Open Market and puts all of our goods at a severe disadvantage in the global market. We allow countries to do this so we can have lots of cheap stuff, much to our demise.

Happy Labor Day

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