Sunday, November 30, 2014

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

I really did not plan to make any black Friday purchases but some deals were too good to pass up. Purchased

.22/.223/5.56 Bore Snake for $6.99

Butler Creek Ruger 10/22 'Hot Lips' 25 round mags for $5.99x 10

Blackhawk Sportster Shooters bags for $7.99

Bushnell Powerview 12x25 binoculars for $8.99

Ten boxes of 2 3/4 Winchester Super X Heavy Game #4 shot to knock it off my years list

and a Leatherman because they were on sale for $20.

Additionally thanks to you all buying stuff through my Amazon (check out the search thingie on the bottom right side) I had some spare jingle in my pocket. Purchased a Morakniv stainless companion and a Italian Army Style Wool Blanket- 62" x 80" . If you purchase stuff through Amazon and want to start through my widget I'll make a bit of coin.

Also found the great deal on the Pelican rifle case.

In terms of actions (vs buying stuff) Turkey Day took up some time and watching my sisters kids for the weekend not too much happened. Hit fitness well in the first half of the week. Also I re did the shelter piece of the chicken coup. Put the cord higher and angled it better to avoid pooling and protect the hens from the rain. Added coverage on two sides also. Will see how it goes. Wifey said I was playing 'overgrown boy scout'. Hopefully that will protect them from the rain a bit better.

Speaking of which the three new girls (or some subset of them) must be laying because our egg production is up. We went from roughly .75 eggs a day to 1.75ish. Wifey (who knows these things from a childhood of FFA and animal husbandry) says at least one of the older hens is about done laying eggs. That one is headed towards the crock pot to serve her last loyal duty (probably X2) as chicken and dumplings.

I planned to add winter components to our systems but the weekend was a blur of small children so that did not happen. Next week or weekend I guess.

What did you do to prepare this week?


riverrider said...

bought a tt mav chest rig off ebay. learned how to use those handy stitcher things and how to heat a tarp shelter in emergency. shiny stuff came in. watched a vid on how the silver market is being played and one on how screwed we are re: china and russia buying up the gold and our idiots in charge selling our gold discount to pay ebt/food stamps.

Anonymous said...

I got 24 blocks for use they are 2x2x6 feet and weigh 4000lbs each they have many uses

Pineslayer said...

rr, those TT Mavs are too good. I believe all markets are rigged and/or manipulated, so buyer beware. Other countries are buying up PM's because they are desperate. End game is, "who can feed and protect themselves'.

Anon, holy legos Batman! If I had them, they would become raised planters in key defensible locations.

I ordered some arrows from SG. Free shipping too. If anyone needs one, they had/have a 100' x 3/8" winch cable and hook ( forged in the USA ), for $27, I got one and they are a steal.

riverrider said...

pineslayer, i hope so on the mav, i'm running out of options.

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