Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Eureka!!! Potential Battle Belt and Sustainment Load Solution

I was about at the end of my battle belt journey. Was looking at transitioning to a pistol belt with my Costa Leg Rig (review coming whenever I get to it) and a chest rig like the Blackhawk one I got some time back in order to transition away from the ALICE pack. My two biggest issues with the battle belt concept were that I wanted to carry a modern reasonably comfortable ruck and the whole vehicle problem.

For some reason this weekend I got to thinking "I wonder if just maybe my battle belt will work with an issue MOLLE ruck?" Since there was one in my garage I figured it wouldn't cost anything to try. TURNS OUT IT DID!!! The ruck was just squat enough to work and the hip belt/ pad (the problem I had with more modern civilian type bags) was thin enough not to get in the way. This had potential.

Yesterday I took the combination out for a quick little ruck and it worked fine. It wasn't conclusive because my ruck wasn't really loaded, it just had whatever happened to be in there.

Fast forward to today and I put all of my gear into the issue Multicam ruck that was just sitting in the garage. Took it out and did an easy little 20 minute ruck and the combination worked good. My battle belt and the ruck worked well for the most part.

The issue of vehicle use is still present but I can't see too many situations in a civilian emergency context where I would want to wear a battle belt and be driving around.

That means the battle belt is going to stick around. Since I am wearing it low (to clear a ruck and or PC) and relying on suspenders I might as well up the mag count. Also my Safariland 6285 holster doesn't really work in this context. It really needs a tighter belt to be able to get a decent draw out of. So the holster isn't really working well and it monopolizes a ton of MOLLE space. Also the suspenders are not really working for this (heavier than originally planned) concept.

I went back and looked at Max Velocities battle belt for inspiration. Think I am going to change my belt over to be a lot more like his. I will transition to a Condor Tactical H- Harness and add a 4-6 m mags worth of 2 mag shingles (or maybe 3 mag ones) to boost the mag count to about 10. Also plan to change to a basic Condor holster. The sacrifice is I'll have to ditch the light on the pistol to make this work.

[Note the reason  I am leaning towards Condor is it's servicable and affordable enough to experiment and maybe end up tossing items in the 'random gear' box without going broke. I've probably bought too much expensive high end gear for the project without getting my hands on it first. Might just do a garage sale.]

Anyway that is where I stand with things today.


Harry Flashman said...

I was thinking last night about all the 1970/1980 era 782 gear I have out in my barn. It's pretty basic stuff, not far removed from WW2 issue for the most part. Today there's so much gear I can't keep track of it. I see advertisements for all kinds of high tech deuce gear in Recoil and Shotgun News. Since I'm not going out in the woods anymore I guess I will get by with the old gear.

Anonymous said...

I believe I am thinking the same thing you are; mind throwing up a pic or two?
I just got the MOLLE pack, which is WAY wider but MUCH shorter than the ILBE which, in all honestly, is the most comfortable military ruck I have ever put on my back.
But mr battle belt won't fit under mrs ILBE well at all....

Theother Ryan said...

SLED238, I do not have a pic of MINE but this is what they look like http://store.oldgrouch.biz/usmumoiiru.html.

That was kinda my concern with the ILBE as it is much more like a commercial style bag with a robust hip pad.

Anonymous said...

Recent attendee of MVT. I had Condor BB with H harness. Carry load 8 AR 30 rnd mags, IFAK, canteen, dump pouch, extra canteen pouch for miscellaneous items. Still had room for holster for sidearm. Worked well for 6 days, no issues. Well made, purchased piecemeal at various online sites at minimal cost. Looking for Blackhawk Serpa holster for Sig p226. May change setup for quick, impromptu use, ie maybe 4 AR mags, holster, IFAK, without use of H harness. All mags split ( either setup) between half full flap doubles or singles, and the rest bungee cord retention on the reload side for me. Full flap for tactical reloads, other side. Get your training cause gear is only one part of the equation, but biggest part.

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