Friday, January 30, 2015

1k Cache: Some Options That Make Sense To Me

Urban Escape and Evasion
Glock 9mm or .40 if that is your thing($400)
Mags n ammo $100 (500) I'd like to have 3 mags and 100 rounds of ammo.
Burner cell phone $30 (530)
Knife, folding. A basic CRKT or Kershaw. Anything decent at that price $25 (555)
Backpack day/ kid school bag sized either cheap new one or better used one $25 (580)
Boots, surplus $20 (600)
Flashlight, small $20 (620)
Belt and holster $40 (660)
Good will clothes and hat $40 (700)
Cash in small bills $300 (1k)

Rural Escape and Evasion/ Minute Man back up
Military pattern rifle $500. Whichever AK or AR you can find first at this price point. Something like a Mini-14 would suffice. 
Mags and ammo $150 (650). I'd like to have at least 5 or so mags and enough ammo to load them at least once.
Carry system for mags n such$30 (680). Probably ALICE though maybe you could piece together something with a FLIC MOLLE vest.
Basic gun cleaning stuff $20 (700). Probably a toothbrush, a rag and some lube.
Gently used boots, probably USGI issue. $20 (720)
Decent set of used clothes from the good will. Ideally good durable stuff in earth tones. Includes a hat and belt.$40 (760)
Poncho in earth tone. $30 (790)
Fleece, jacket and hat used or Wally World. In earth tone. $20 (810)
Grab and go food. Granola bars, a couple tuna pouches or whatever. $20 (830)
Cheap binoculars. $20 (850)
2x water bottles and 2 bottles of water purification stuff. $30 (880)
Backpack to put all this stuff in. $30 (910)
Medical kit. Very ghetto IFAK and a few feel good items like ibuprophen, bandaids, etc$20 (950)
Mora kniv $15 (965)
Remaining $35 can pad the gun and ammo budgets a bit.


TEOTWAWKI Blog / Alexander Wolf said...

Ryan -

Good lists, and glad you're having fun with the exercise.

r.e. The military-style escape and evasion cache - if really for E&E, I put medical kit as a high priority, as well as water. Would go heavier on those.

In such a situation, may be best to ditch the long arm, try to blend in and make contact with allies. Superior force, likely exhausted and injured...hopes of a successful gunfight are low.

So - clothing to help you blend in with the locals...or some really good ghillie / hide site tools if truly rural.

Several varieties of commo - radio, sat phone, etc.

Money / valuables to bribe your way out, etc. Or extra food if truly rural (might be there a while).

Theother Ryan said...

Alexnder Wolfe, Thanks for the kind words. To the second list. My goal was to portray a scenario that contrasted with the first in that A) it was rural instead of urban/ suburban and B) that it was more violent. Escape and evasion seemed like a good venue for that with an alternate as a back up G/ minute man setup.

Agree on medical. Hindsight being 20/20 one could shave a couple bucks from here and there to beef up that area.

Agree on water. You could stash one of those one gallon wide mouth OJ containers along with the bottles, or a case of little plastic disposable water bottles to slam 3 then take as many as you want.

I fundamentally agree on commo but it is relatively expensive and depending on the scenario in question can be a complicated proposition.

Of course individual situations matter a lot but for that concept I am inclined to want a long gun. Ideally it would be a fairly compact one such as a folding stock AK or AR pistol that could be stashed in a bag if the situation calls for it.

With clothing I agree that clothes which blend into folks in that area would work best. In a lot of the country during a good part of the year a guy in locally popular hunting cammo can blend in OK. I think Meister has a pretty nice 'grey man' cache with a Savage Axis hunting rifle, some realtree and a Glock. In the right situation that would be a low lower profile than say multicam and an AK. Something to think about for sure.

Meister said...

The 1k constraint killed the glock Idea for me. Plenty of other decent guns can be had at the 250 price point for a starting survivalist. Everything else in your cache would be things you planned to utilize, except the gun. You don't want to use it.

I guess my priorities shifted a bit with the exercise. My personal grey man Cache ended up at almost 2.5k all said and done, but my clothing and kit was pretty expansive. Enough to walk/bike 200 miles without resupply.

Theother Ryan said...

Meister, 1k is a deceptive amount. It is enough to do some stuff but definitely not enough to do everything.

When running the tab on my operational cache the total was pretty high. However considering the full replacement value of say, a knife I bought for camping 12 years ago or a hiking backpack Mom bought me for Christmas 15 years ago is hard to figure.

It busts the 1k tab, that being said... I am personally curious to see the equipment list for your 'grey man' cache. Might just do a similar sort of thing. It wouldn't need to be 'REI Model 2,500 Bla Bla version 3 light green' so 'REI hiking pack 2.5k' would work just fine.

Please do a post at your blog or I would publish a guest post at mine. Want to look at putting something new together. If it is a problem/ hassle no worries.

Thanks for the comment.

Meister said...

I'll get it together tonight after the Scout meeting since I'll be in the neighborhood it's in and it's due to get updated with some newer kit. This kit is the only one I have not "tested" in the field due to it's simplicity and the fact that I've used every piece of kit in there at one time or another.

My #2 cache is at home right now as well due to renovations at its regular location. Might even post it up as well. It's not remotely my best kit, and is intended more to outfit the person who's storing it.

Theother Ryan said...

Meister, Both of those would be very appreciated.

Meister said...

Got a contract offer last night and had to spend it adjusting my Resume. Wednesday will be the day. Son's Bday today.

Theother Ryan said...

Meister, No urgency. Whenever you've got a minute would be great.

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