Sunday, February 8, 2015

Shelf Stable Food Inventory

Since I have been the crazy survivalist who buys a bunch of food and she does most of the cooking things have gotten pretty crazy in our kitchen.  Also since this involved me putting things (she wasn't thrilled about me getting in the first place) into her area (the kitchen) it was sort of a delicate matter. I kind of put things where they could fit easily and not cause an issue instead of where they might make the most sense. Essentially I'm a crazy jerk who shoved a bunch of stuff in every nook and cranny of the kitchen. As we've been down in Louisiana for awhile the problem has been compounding. Wifey inventoried the majority of our shelf stable food and totally reorganized the food in the kitchen. It was a really cool thing she did to help with my interests and our preparedness efforts.

To close out the inventory I need to do the buckets of food and someone will end up doing an inventory of some canned goods that are in the other part of the kitchen.

The intent is to maintain a running inventory and keep things organized. I would like to put it on a spreadsheet with column's for goal (I want to figure out a methodology for stocking specific amounts of stuff instead of just buying arbitrary amounts.), on hand and to mark when things get used to replace them.

Not surprisingly due to the lack of good organization, inventories or a central plan efforts were a bit uneven.

What we have plenty, some might even say too much, of:
Peanut Butter
Tin Foil
Coffee filters
Canned corn
Coctail sauce
BBQ Sauce

We need:
Dry beans other than black beans-We have a bunch in buckets but don't use it for normal stuff.
White vinegar x2 gal
Pasta (other than spaghetti) about 20 pounds
Red sauce- About 20 cans.
Single serving pouch sides- Rice- O Roni, that type of pasta stuff, etc.- 5 or 7
Jam/ Jelly x3
Iodized salt x6
Salsa x1

Since Wifey spent all day reorganizing this stuff in the kitchen the prep budget ordered pizza for dinner.


Pineslayer said...

Too much cocktail sauce, you best get to shrimpin' Louisiana man.

I can't find that shelf stable milk you posted. CO is still in denial.

T.L. Knighton said...

You know what they say, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." :D

It's cool that she's involved though. I'm trying to get my wife on board, and have been for several years. She understands it, and accepting of it, but that's a far cry from a participant.

Meister said...

Shelf stable milk is a questionable option for me. Too much weight and space compared to powder. To each his own. I'm due for another expansion in the larder. Added more shelving to the garage to accommodate more buckets. I'm a bit lean on beans, need to get it back on track.

Theother Ryan said...

Pineslayer, I'll do a post on the stuff soon.

TL, Very true.

Meister, We keep a little bit of the shelf stable stuff around mostly for those days we run out of normal milk or are going to be out and about. It is stuff our kids happily drink and is ready to go right now. That being said there are certainly downsides. In addition to bulk it is expensive.

We stock a lot more dry milk than shelf stable stuff.

Meister said...

Checked my balance sheet. We've eaten 42 lbs of storage food this year to keep it rotated. I failed to track the calories. I'd like to add 3x what we ate to the larder.

Pineslayer said...

I would like to try the SS Milk. Got powder, but it is less than...tasty.

I have some stuff that is getting old. It is hard to store lots of food and not use it up in time. Compost pile will get some. On the plus side, we are getting better at it.

tweell said...

Ny problem with dry beans is the increasing cooking time required as they age. Beans that were purchased only three years ago took 24 hours of soaking and 24 hours of simmering to be edible. That's a lot of heat and time. I've been going with more lentils and green peas, while looking for a decent pressure cooker.

Anonymous said...

Years ago when I got serious about storing long-term foods, I used the chart and inventory sheet made at foodstoragemadeeasy dot net

They have a post from 2009 that allows you to calculate your family's food needs. I'll share the link and hope it goes through:

Having an inventory really helps keep track of what you have, especially when you are storing in 5-gallon buckets!

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