Saturday, March 14, 2015

From Around The Web and Trimming Pack Weight

Fer FAL's 12 Survival Lessons from the Ukraine is definitely worth reading

T Blog did a post on trimming pack weight.I have a few thoughts on this. In no particular order.

-When it comes to weight it is important to talk apples and apples.

          -I weigh my ruck dry as in without water. Of course total weight including water (wet) matters but since water is rapidly consumed then replaced I find 'dry' a more meaningful number. 

         - We also have to get on the same page as to concept of use. Since the BOB/ level 3 sustainment load is pretty ambiguous the question of how amounts of consumables, specifically food, matters. Of course a bag set up to feed a person for 5 days is going to weigh more than one designed for 2 days.

-40 pounds coming up as the number some D Boys settled on is interesting. My BOB/ level 3 sustainment load comes in a shade under 40 pounds (dry, 37 if I recall) and if I recall John Mosby's is in the same general weight range.

-The snugpack is a pretty cool little setup. I would like one for my level 2.5 bag and since they are a shade under $60 it is an easy decision.

-Cutting weight on individual items is a good plan so long as it does not compromise capabilities you want/ need.  For example swapping a 5" full tang knife for a smaller 3", lighter full tang knife would save weight with negligible capability loss. On the other hand going to a Mora would mean the fixed blade knife would have few capabilities beyond my EDC benchmade.

-Weight of food is notable. Also specifically for the little Tactical Tailor bag I bought bulk matters. I am looking at revisiting my food plan for this bag with some protein bars that are calorie dense and some freeze dried stuff for actual meals.

-My level 2.5 bag is sitting at 17 pound dry. I would like to get it into the 13-15 pound range. Will do some more shaving and then post a contents list.

-Oleg Volk did an interesting post on pistol caliber carbines. The 5.56 pistol is discussed.


John Mosby said...

Hey Ryan,
I've actually got my dry pack weight down below 25#, but that's because I've gone pretty hard core on trimming, dropping some extras, looking for the ultralight backpacking model, and making space to add stuff for kids.

I think anything under 40# is a pretty solid achievement in dry weight. I wanted to drop lower, because if I needed to add more, in the form of munitions of mission-specific gear, I've got more leeway to do so without breaking my 65# standard.


Theother Ryan said...

John, Very interesting. I'll have to look into that to trim bag weight.

Pineslayer said...

My GHB is hovering around 26lbs with handgun set. That is with a full canteen set. I can trim a pound or two if I drop the military canteen and go with my Titanium kettle and Platypus bladder.

I'm light on food and shelter but heavy on tools. Like Mr. Guerrilla has said, travel light, freeze at night, so I am really trying to let go of my hatchet and take a light sleeping bag.

One of my main issues/problem is which pack to use. My collection is stupid in scope, but I love them, so that is part of my madness. I am trying to use one that can carry more, in a pinch, but not to fill it up right now.

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