Monday, March 9, 2015

My Go To 3 Guns For The Walking Dead

Want to do something fun today. The Walking Dead is back on. They are in the almost boringly predictable scenario of a safe situation that is just a little too good to be true with hints of how it could go bad. Also Rick shaved his beard and has taken a practical, if not very humanistic, stance on looking after his group or just maybe is losing his shit. Time will tell. Anyway I've been thinking about what my top 3 guns for the Zombie Apocalypse a la Walking Dead would be.

AK-47 with fixed wood stock. Don't especially care what model though a good one would be nice and a chrome lined barrel would be good too. I do not want to get deep into the AK vs AR discussion. They both have a lot to offer and some marginal up sides over each other. The things that really put the AK above the AR, for this very specific scenario, is that it's capacity to use as a bludgeon to kill those darn Zombies is much better than the AR. Yes you  can butt stroke someone with an AR but you could bash in Walker skulls all day long with an AK with a fixed wood stock! Also they are more durable and physically rugged than AR's, if by a small margin, and close to comparable in terms of the amount of mags n ammo floating around to scavenge.

Glock 19/17 with threaded barrel and silencer. Mod's don't really matter but if I had the options it would have supressor sized  night sights, a stainless steel guide rod and a 3.5lb trigger connector. I would choose the Glock because they are super durable and probably the most common caliber/ platform out there.

Bolt action rifle with iron sights and a good scope in a flat shooting caliber. Due to commonality .308 would probably be the way I would go and one of the new Savage rifles like their Hog Hunter or Scout would be great but any old common bolt gun in .308/ '06 is just fine too. The goal of this would be reaching out and touching someone at 200+ yards with a fair element of precision.

The caveat to this is if I was able to really use one a bow (non compound variety) that would be a great option. One of those plain fiberglass 40ish pound recurve bows you see at garage sales all the time.

Busse TGLB sage with tan micarta grips. All the coolness of Daryl Dixon but with an easier to maintain finish

What are your walking dead guns?


highdesertlivin said...

Kalashnikov w/spike bayonet. Glock 17L or 34.I'm then torn between my ruger scout, or a 10/22 w/high caps.I could see bustin heads effortlessly w/ a single .22 to the forehead, no bing bing.

Anonymous said...

I get it, guys. In a commie country you want commie guns.
Go for it.

Commander_Zero said...

AR, Glock 19, a 4" .357, and a tweaked out 10/22.

I'll take the G19 over the G17 so I can use either 19 or 17 mags.

I'll take the AR for the ubiquity of ammo/mags.

I'll take the .357 for the .38/.357 ammo commonality.

Any big, solid sheath knife will do. I like the Becker BK-7 or BK-9.

And the suppressed 10/22 because against zombies its really pretty much ideal.

chadow10 said...

Silenced Ruger 45/22 pistol, my Springfield XD 9mm, An AR15 equipped with a bayonet. I like the Bear Grylls Parang for slash and bash.

Anonymous said...

From what I gather from the show, killing zombies is just as effective with a .22 to the head as a centerfire, so a silenced 10/22 makes a lot of sense to me. For defending my life against live targets, a lever action .357 carbine or trapper is a compact light package that can be paired with a .357 handgun for commonality. Distance is not an issue (but I can see where precision MIGHT be useful). A plain old Tramontina or Imacasa machete would do as my slasher.

What I don't get is why are the live still making war with each other. And why aren't the scavengers (wolves, bears, etc.) cleaning up, a grizzly could lay waste to a herd of them zombies pretty easily I think.

Fun poll - thanks!

Meister said...

LWRCI Repr with 16" upper and 1-8x US optics scope. Can as well. Can makes sound tracking nearly impossible.

HK usp tatical w/can and IRW laser.

10/22k with red dot and can.

USGI machete.

NVG's with rechargeable batteries and solar panel.

Anonymous said...

Mini14, Ruger P89dc w/ 30rd mags, savage m64 (.22lr)...
Gerber LMF & 4.5' home made rebar spear
old school...and frugal

Anonymous said...

let's play... a small pistol for the pocket, just in case.. say a p32; and a .40 on the hip. if it's really bad, a 12ga. in hand.. if not too bad a .22lr in hand or sling over.

3rdman said...

ATF backs down for now on M855

Anonymous said...

Ar15 with a nice aimpoint and a spare upper in .22lr (that counts as one. Right?), G17, ma deuce and a Hellion blade by Zombie Tools.

Michael said...

.357 lever gun
SP101 4.2"

Smallish .22 pistol. Take your pick, but I'll go with Ruger SR. 22

If I was in a more urban area or had more worries about non-zombie humans swap the SP101 for any midsized Glock in 9mm.

Anonymous said...

Sig 226, 40 cal.; AK-47, Mossberg 590a1.

A small 380 if possible.

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