Thursday, May 28, 2015

Quote of the Day

Me- "Honey, Tuesday I might be able to get Krystal."
Wifey- "What about Crystal?" in a not very happy tone.
Me- "I might be able to get Krystal"
I am confused about why she is visibly aggitated.
Seeing the disconnect.
Me- "Honey, you remember the place with the little sliders?"
Wifey- "Oh ok. I hadn't thought of that place in a long time and thought maybe you were trying to do that thing where a person slips something into a conversation so they could say it had been mentioned."

I get where she was coming from. If she had said "Tuesday I might be able to get Jim" I would have been confused myself.

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Anonymous said...

the adventures and escapades of married folk conversations . . .

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