Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Progress on 2015 New Years Resolutions (Goals)

Start hunting
Continue fishing
More food (that fills holes identified in inventory)

Better organize caches
Get another grinder (Corona?)
Pick up some additional rechargeable batteries to have 2 (3 is better) spare sets per new piece of commo gear
5gal kerosene
2x 5gal propane tanks. I have added 1 to the stash.
1x kero lantern w/ 4 wicks and spare globe
Various tools TBD maybe
1x brace and bit Got a drill for my birthday so that is something.
1x buck saw or large bow saw
Chainsaw support gear (me thinks gloves, chaps, spare chain, file, plenty of 2 cycle oil, spark plugs, bar oil, etc)
Files for chainsaw and hand saws
10 pounds various nails
Cordage: Big thing o twine, some bank line, 1 spool of 550 cord, 5x 100 ft light rope
Establish E&E caches as needed

Organize a good household first aid kit Going to say I am most of the way on this one. I need to put it into a container or some sort but the general setup is pretty good.

Full inventory of long term storage food
Inventory gear, spare parts and other moderately priced items
Better organize gear and such

Overall I am sucking at my goals. I have failed in part because of not regularly looking at them. Oh well. Some good things have happened, I went to a sweet pistol course, got some ammo bought a FAL and a cargo trailer. Also I got a case each of 5.56, 7.62x39 and .308. Since I am planning on most of next year being screwed for gun stuff I can work on other things.

How are you doing on your goals for this year?


riverrider said...

my main goal was/is physical fitness but i have let work be an excuse. its cooling off now, so the "its too hot" excuse is over. i have a big rifle issue monday, which is the last one until turkey day so no excuse there either.... too much money and effort on building more ar's instead of working on my to-do list. pretty happy with my other goals so far, one being building the cash fund. beans bullets and bandaids i'm happy with except for picking up more antibiotics. need to go thru supplies for expiration dates. still need a fire safe. hopefully by the end of the year on that. with the stock jitters i really couldn't think of much that i needed. good luck on your goals.

Pineslayer said...

My only goal is to push forward constantly. Too many projects to count or prioritize.

Trying to balance between work and play is top of the list maybe. Everyday above ground is a good day, so throttle it. Trying to go on some roadtrips and see the country that we love.

Ditch the chainsaw chaps, if you need them your toes will be gone too. Plus they really gum up your blade.

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