Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Organizational Fail- Where the Heck is My 9mm Ball Ammo?

Writing about our failures is never fun. It is always more fun to talk about a cool new toy or something awesome we did. This is not one of those posts.

I needed 500 rounds of 9mm ball ammo today. The reason will be clear later,  that isn't what this post is about. I went to the first place I thought I would find 9mm ball ammo in quantity and it wasn't there. Went to the next place and it wasn't there either. Went back to the first place and really looked.

I thought for a second and went to a third place where I found a can of 9mm ball. Winchester white box from probably 2008. Good solid ammo. Wish they had prices on them to show what I paid.

Anyway this was a big ole ball of fail.  The bottom line is I currently have serious organizational issues beyond the home defense set up level. Access to ammo  isn't a realistic problem it is just a canary in the coal mine. We talked about ammo which I am not really concerned with. In my bedroom I think there are 5 loaded AR  mags between my fighting load (hd) and a sort of active shooter bag. Also at least 3 spare glock  mags. That more than meets any home defense needs I could possibly have.

My stuff both preparedness and otherwise needs to get better organized.  I really don't have any excuse except laziness for not doing this. Currently I don't have anything big going on for most weekends so I could easily put in 3-4 hours 2 days a week working to fix this. Just need to get off my ass and do It.

So what are my goals:
1- MOP-After this weekend which is busy I want to spend st least 6 hours a week (probably on the weekend) on sorting and organization.  The girl I'm seeing works weekends so I have the time. I plan to do this until the organization is done.
2- MOE- Within 30 days have full fighting load, bob and bug out stuff separated, organized and ready to go.
3- MOE Within 60 days have all prearedness related stuff organized.
4- MORE- Within 90 days have all of my various possessions organized. Donate a lot to good will, unneeded camping stuff to local Boy Scouts or survivalists,, sell some stuff and organize the rest. 


Robert said...

I keep an written inventory of my ammo and what ammo can it's stored in. I also note on the inventory where that can is stored. just my 2cents!

Unknown said...

That's what I've been doing, just getting cleaned up and somewhat organized, fine tuning can wait, been in house 3 years and stuff was a mess in the basement.

Meister said...

That happened to me about 6 months ago. Sat at the dillon press for a half an hour and pumped out 500 for the range trip.

Thomas said...

Re the "fighting load", I would suggest verifying the mags contain what you want.
Until a couple of years ago, I had a bad habit it loading AR mags with whatever I had, range ammo, different batches of range ammo reloads, steel cased, brass, whatever. Not a setup for success if you did need to grab your rifle and a Minuteman type kit.

A multi-day class I took a few years ago finally broke me of that- treat your fighting load like the military might treat a pre-op inspection. That's what finally got me to clean out every single mag, empty all the steel cased stuff into the range ammo pile, and sort it all out. The go-kit is in fact ready to go, finally, not just the ammo but if a mag in that kit is loaded, it's fully loaded with the proper ammo type, and the rod/emergency cleaning & tool kit is in a pouch there with it, too.

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