Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Various Thoughts

Hey Folks, I'm not dead.

I have been trying to refocus on fitness/ health, jiu jjitsu and dry fire. The core of my survivalist individual skills. That has been occupying a lot of my time and energy this week. I am trying hard to refocus. Also I have a class coming up in January to get ready for. It will challenge my combatives skills and fitness so I want to do my best to get ready.

For fitness I am going to be focusing on endurance for awhile. A friend wants to do some races this winter/ summer so I need to get working on that. Also it is as good a goal as any. A marathon is probably on my bucket list anyway.

I realized that maybe I need a handgun in between the Glock 19 and the Ruger LCP. I end up carrying the LCP a lot which is probably not ideal. Recently carrying a borrowed air weight J frame I noticed I could carry it appendix in most of my normal clothing. It vanishes under a normally fitting T shirt. I would get an S&W with an exposed hammer and try some different grip options to get the right balance of concealability and shootability.

Potential candidates beside a .38 would be the Glock 26 or a Walther PPK. I am going to borrow and experiment with both in coming weeks. I am open to your thoughts here. No urgency as the weather is rapidly cooling so I can just wear a sweatshirt or loose ish flannel type shirt which will hide anything. The easy days of CCW are getting to be upon us.

I am looking hard at purchasing a new (to me) vehicle. Probably a Toyota FJ Cruiser. If you have personal experience with them please share.

Recently I put together a plate carrier as part of my home defense set up. May talk more about that later.

The only up side of this post election rioting light is the darn clowns seem to have calmed down.

Sort of like Zero and I both said. I am not sad I bought the stuff I did for the election. Now I have it. I can't see a situation where 5.56 ammo, Glock or AR mags get cheaper than they are today so it is all good.

So what is coming up in the next couple weeks on the blog.

A post or two about the Mountain Guerilla Clandestine Carry Pistol course.

A post on realistic vs fantasy worst case scenarios.

A post on multiple streams of income.

A post on my home defense gear set up.

A fighting load post.


Anonymous said...

I think I'd pick a mini Glock that already uses ammunition you already have in stash. I think gaining a new ammunition to stock up now would be more expensive. I wish Glocks were less 'blocky' though, the Walthers are sleek.

If .380ACP is possibility, have you checked out Bersas - they have a pretty good reputation. My Thunder 380 has been a good shooting experience - no issues with it. Picked the satin nickel to reduce rust issues, a consideration for concealed carry.

Simon Maguire said...

I second the Glock 26 you can just carry the 19 mags as back up. I don't see what a Walther PPK would give you over a LCP

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're sticking with jiu jitsu, it is SO technical that you gotta study it for years. I hope you have/will compete in a tournament, regardless of your rank. I'm preparing for my first tournament as a blue belt. 5 tournaments as a white belt have helped to pressure test my techniques and personal style. Losing in a tournament is quite helpful, and winning is especially exciting. Compete in your weight class and age bracket, but also try the Absolute class to go against the Big boys. My goal of tournament competition is to simulate a real fight against an Unknown opponent who isn't going to hold back because we are training partners.
Don't feel any pressure from us, your readership, to keep the content coming. I'd rather we both tap out some noobs and perform some drawstroke reps than read or write blog posts. Your blog is my very favorite, but meatspace and personal skill comes first. Keep it up stud.

Aesop said...

We're still multiple trillions of non-existent money in debt.
Trump's election didn't magic that reality away.
Nor did it make our grid more EMP-resistant, nor overnight undo the likelihood of jihadi mischief, political hubris, metastasizing government, or the forces of nature.

It only means I won't have to prepare for all that, while having to simultaneously contend with Shrillary and her malignant minions trying to kill the country and suck its last drop of blood to feed their vainglorious desire to be shitlords of the entire rotting gutpile that's left afterwards.

I'm happy for small favors.

But multiple sets of body armor, cans of ammunition, night vision, and a solid plan for acquiring a self-sufficient little swatch of Camp TheWholeWorldCanGoToHellAndKissMyAss are praparations that are beyond value, and have lost nothing in the aftermath of last Tuesday's cultural tsunami.

The election may serve in the long run to be nothing more than a brief, but welcome, monkeywrench in the gears of those who think they should rule over us all.

I'll take it, and enjoy the respite, but it doesn't alter the wisdom of preparing for other eventualities, or unfortunate circumstances.

Just lets me check a few boxes off The List, and focus on other areas now that things look somewhat brighter.

Along with not feeling guilty about enjoying the day-to-day once in awhile, in a life that is always far too brief for everyone.

Oh, and besides locking in Fort TWWCGTHAKMA, multiple income streams is a priority.
Cash is always king. And off the radar is better than a pay raise.
As taxes increase, people are realizing it's damned hard to find, let alone tax, barter and trade.

riverrider said...

glock 43. common ammo, flat profile, same manual of arms.

Anonymous said...

G26 imo. I have a 19 as well but for ccw the 26 is hard to beat. You still have a proven, quality firearm with interoperability of mags with your 19. 10rd mag or a +2 base plate depending on what you're wearing. I typically carry with a +2 base plate, it hides well appendix carry. I put a tlr6 on it and carry it in a DARA holster. I also carry a G17 mag as a spare. Couldn't be happier with the setup, your mileage may vary.

Pineslayer said...

FJ Cruiser, we have an '08. It is pretty fast, for an SUV. Handles great, comfortable, capable off-road. If you are looking for a rock crawler, as with all stock vehicles, it will need to be lifted and install a good skid plate.

Lots has been said about the visibility, it is OK as long as your aren't driving in the city most of the time. The worst is the suicide doors, they suck when unloading kids or gear in a cramped lot. Ventilation is less than stellar since only the front doors have windows that roll down. Back seat can be a little claustrophobic. The stock roof rack is horrible.

Don't get me wrong, it is a great vehicle and we are going to keep it and throw some money at it. Gas mileage is 20 on the highway and 16 in the city.

Anonymous said...

Smith 638 with a shrouded hammer. Best of both worlds. You dont need thousands of rounds, One or two hundred rounds of 125 gr +P and you are set. Get 200 rounds of 130gr rn for practice.

Anonymous said...

I must agree with Simon above. You gain nothing with the PPK (not happy with a Bersa Thunder- the take down lever broke off after 200 rounds, lots of jams). I really liked the snubby .38 and carried it as a back up doing reserve LEO. But now days are different. Seems like the gangsta wannabe types like to rove in packs. 5 would work for most problems, but when that pack shows up...... maybe not so much. The 26 is smaller but just as wide as the 19. Maybe the new thin Glock or what the housemouse is now carrying, a Ruger LC9. They are cheap (329 on sale) and has been reliable. I would trust the 9 about double the .380 for results. NOG

fltactical said...

I have had no problems with my Bersa Thunder, but think you have better options. I have owned Bersa Thunders *still do, have a 26 and various single stack 9mm. The best single stack that gives me the best accuracy is the M&P Shield. It will give you the accuracy of a full size handgun but is limited to 7 or 8 plus one in the pipe. However... it is small enough to carry every day. I find the 26 too thick in the summer and the Shield a winner year round. I also have a Ruger LC9s. Even lighter than the Shield, but not nearly as accurate.
My recommendation is to try the Shield as well. It will hit the 3x5 and be small enough to put on your hip year round. Otherwise, go with the 26. It's a proven winner and it is far easier to shoot accurately with a much better trigger pull than the revolver.

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