Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2016 New Years Resolutions Final Review

Start hunting-No
Continue fishing -No
Organize/ refine food storage. Emphasis is less on sheer bulk but more on filling holes and putting it all together. -No

Better organize caches-Some stuff is in the works here. Nothing has been finished yet.
Get another grinder (Corona?)-No
Pick up some additional rechargeable batteries to have 2 (3 is better) spare sets per new piece of commo gear -No
5gal kerosene-No
1x kero lantern w/ 4 wicks and spare globe-No
Various tools TBD maybe
1x brace and bit-No
1x buck saw or large bow saw-No
Chainsaw support gear (me thinks gloves, chaps, spare chain, file, plenty of 2 cycle oil, spark plugs, bar oil, etc)-No
Files for chainsaw and hand saws

Cordage: 1 spool of 550 cord, 5x 100 ft light rope-No

Organize a good household first aid kit-Yes
Beef up my vehicle first aid kit.-Yes

Inventory gear, spare parts and other moderately priced items
Better organize gear and such-No

Life (personal):

Fill my newfound spare time in useful ways.-No

Solidify existing relationships and put time/ energy/ money into that effort.-Wash I guess.

Build new relationships.- Well I made some new friends, sadly they don't live near me.

Have some fun. - I met a lot of people around here and had a variety of different experiences. That was a thing that probably needed to happen in my life, if just to get it out of the way.  I had a lot of fun in Europe and a nice trip to Montana.

Watch more live music.- A resounding suuccess.

Life (functional/ goals):

Establish a zero or near zero based budget to manage my current financial situation allowing me to save, have fun and pursue preparedness goals.- I saved some cash and kinda had a budget. Call it a mixed bag.

Go back to school.-No

Figure out 1/3/5 year goals for where I want to be and backwards plan from there.- This was good but took a major change recently.

Overall my goals are to work on my life, get/ stay healthy, and figure out what my life is going to look like. In terms of preparedness I want to work hard on skills, firm up communications, get better organized, get some ammo and another AR then work on smaller stuff to round out what I already have.

I got a couple other things done. Bought an FJ Cruiser and did a decent amount of Jiu Jitsu. 

Overall this years was not a preparedness success. Maybe next year will be better. If nothing else I will work on setting better goals.


Guigui Ross said...

Way too much goals mate and no timeline. I like to divide in 3 my goals-Prioritary, Secondary and 'nice but optional'.

The prioritary ones are only 5 per year max. Then 6-10 secondary. Everything else goes into the N9ce but optional category. Working out a timeline is great too, e.g. getting into beekeeping-do a beekeeping course in January/February. Then buy equipment in February-April and eventually get bees as soon as available in April/May...

Anonymous said...

Great list and thanks for sharing it. On the chainsaw front, you might want to grab a chainsaw helmet with the windscreen protection (usually comes with integrated ears, what?). The reason for this piece of kit is that you don't want to acquire that special look that comes from a busted chain whipping cross your face. Also, on the chaps, def get them, worth their weight in gold. And I'd add a file sharpening kit and the knowhow to use it. Couple of wedges are good idea also. I watch a lot of Wranglerstars youtube for knowledge on things foresty. Again, good luck and God speed.

Kona Commuter said...

Hey buddy

Just found your blog via Bison Prepper

You haven't done much on the fitness front have you? You fitness links to a blog that has a last post from 2013.

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