Thursday, January 5, 2017

Life and Times, Operational Cache, Et All

Hey Folks, I sort of took a break over the holidays. I went home and saw my kiddo's, family and friends. The way things worked out I got to see a relative at the opposite end of the PNW so that was cool. Also my first time traveling long distance in the US by train. The trip there was pretty awesome. Very old school with some nice touches of class. The one back sucked as there were delays and all sorts of drama. Now I am back to work and normal life.

Over this trip I accessed my operational cache. Everything was fine. I sort of took a cue from Meister and added some good stuff to it. I tossed in my normal EDC knife and flash light as well as a more duty oriented pistol. Also a good set of long johns, a pair of multicam pants and some other odds n ends. I was going to put in a better backpack but the one I planned to use had a buckle break on the trip so I need to get it fixed.

Sort of along Meisters theme I literally cached stuff I regularly use. Motivation to spend hundreds of dollars on stuff to cache can be hard to find. So as a forcing function I put my normal stuff in there. Finding motivation to replace the thing I carry every day that is gone should be much easier to find. Of course if you genuinely can't afford it this is a bad plan but for those who can it is a good way to get priority #10 which never gets done up to priority #2 or 3.

I wanted to go through all of the contents and toss some less than entirely needed stuff. As I put in better items the newly redundant and inferior stuff can get tossed. Space is a consideration.

 I am looking hard at setting up another cache soon. Hopefully this spring. It will be another operational cache. Good to have goals anyway.

My stupid computer has really been giving me problems. Honestly it is hindering blogging as a 10 minute post takes more like a half hour between it freezing and re starting. I am going to either fix or replace it in the immediate future. My goal is to get to blogging 2-3x  a week.

Anyway that's what has been going on with me. Hope you all are well. Talk to you soon.


jdmeth said...

Always interested in what others are doing to prep. As for your computer use a router, antivirus, I like Avast. I use Zone alarm firewall. Both are free. To clear up the freezing download Adwcleaner and run it. If that doesn't help download malwarebyts. Or it could just be over heating. If a laptop find the fan grills and blow out the dust, use something to hold the fan, spinning it to 100,000 rpm is bad. If a desktop pull off the sidecover and blow out the dust in the cpu cooler and in the video card cooler and the power supply. Protect the fans there also. If you lack an air compressor you can get canned air at any computer place or Staples. Good luck.

Meister said...

Bought a Samsung S2 tablet for a backup. You can bluetooth keyboard it and it's a useful backup for vacation or when Murphy shows up. I have my essential Docs on a cloud to keep things easy to use.

I'm slacking right now. Been kinda in a funk and haven't gotten the things I want to done. Spent more time organizing and downsizing items, as well as doing some cost analysis for my business. I should be doing more while costs are down and food is cheap.

Cache assessment is fun. It gets your creative juices flowing and makes you feel a sense of accomplishment. Putting an X in the win column when things are getting stagnant or boring is helpful. Using your cache from time to time allows you to visit with your old favorite gear. You look forward to it instead of worrying about inferior supplies. I'll grab a bob instead of my regular backpack on a campout from time to time, just to make sure it's all there and ready to use.

Anonymous said...

You might check out a post on 'The Short Cache' by Dirttime Dude. It details the contents of these operational caches that are meant for quick access high need items we all have. Just to stimulate some more ideas.

Unknown said...

I accessed my get home cashe, located secured at work, after reading this. I updated the food, added in more clothing for winter, rotated in a better shelter option, and set a spare set of boots on top. I want to add some cash to the bag after I wrap up a kitchen remodel I'm into right now.

I work 30 miles from home. I'm very rural, but there's several topographical choke points between work and home. It is possible in a severe weather event I'd have to spend the night at one of those points. I'm partial to cashing better shelter gear at work, but I'd be curious to hear about your opinion of a few cheap caches (think 2-3 8x10 tarps and a couple blankets) at these points. There's no guarantee I could get to them though in severe snow/ice/mudslide (of which we've had severe version of all in the last year)


Harry Flashman said...

My brother had a big cache on the road between Boise, Idaho and his place in the Sierra Nevada's. The plan was to use it if he had to go get his girl friend out of Boise and take her back to the mountain place. But he just sold the Sierra Nevada place and bought an old man house in the suburbs of somewhere or other in Oregon. His kids and grand-kids are there now. I hope he recovered the cache as it had some very desirable gear in it.

I used to ride the train a lot in Europe. Haven't been on one a lot here though.

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