Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Flying with Guns

Weapons Man  did a post on this. As always it is good. I have some thoughts.
- Obviousky make sure whatever you are flying with is legal on both ends of the trip.
- In case of the off chance they cut your locks have spares. A 4 pack of normal master IDK pas locks is like $20.
- Like weapons man said plan in time. An extra half hour,  which probably puts you there 2 hours early is wise.
- Know the airlines policies. They vary. If in doubt call the airline and ask.
- Unless there is some compelling reason I wouldn't fly with real expensive or heirloom type guns. Guns do occasionally go missing. Take a $500 Glock and a $600 rifle not your nighthawk custom 1911 and full auto FAL.
-Depending on the airline you can have different amounts of ammo. All I've used let you take some and have it in the case with the guns. I'll bring at least enough to load the gun 1-2 times. If I wanted more ammo for whatever reason at the end point I would get it shipped there. Most classes will let you send ammo to them.
-If possible, an from my experience it always is I like to have at least some ammo. Example this winter I flew home with guns. A friend picked me up at the air port. We hung out for a few hours in sort of an iffy neighborhood and then I had a couple hours there  alone. After that I got on a train. I was definitely glad to have a loaded gun with me.
- Weapons Man mentioned loaner guns. That is definitely an option if the people you are visiting have appropriate guns to spare.
-If your host does not have spare guns to loan and you go there often consider staging a cache there. The cost and moderate annoyance of checking a gun a few times justifies leaving an old revolver an a long gunnifnyiu want one along with some speed strips and a knife. This also helps with your risk management. If your house burns down an whatever is in it is gone the gun at Grannies may be handy.

Edited to include: Buy a decent hard sided locking case. This is an area that is somewhat vague. Pelican makes good stuff and there are solid companies out there for the more value conscious customer as well.

You need to know what the rules are and follow them.  That said Flying with a gunnrrally isn't complicated or that big of a hassle. I've done it a few times and have yet to have any problems. Please don't let it intimidate you. 


Anonymous said...

Good advice about having ammunition in possession at all times. I see people leaving the gun rangs after expending all of the ammunition they brought with them, not thinking that in some type of emergency, having some kept back would have been a good idea.

Simon Maguire said...

I posted on weapons man page about 'Every one takes ammo to the range but how many come back with any?'
I once read about a couple who went on a three gun course and drive back home the next day when the news cut in on the radio. It was Sep 11 2001. They were 300 miles from home with all the guns they could need and not one round of ammo. The local government ordered all the gun shops to shut.
Every one takes ammo to the range but how many come back with any?

Harry Flashman said...

I've heard so many horrific things about people getting hosed flying with guns, I don't think I would even give it a try unless it was an earth shaking event. I don't go far from home these days anyway, but if I did I would drive. Making sure to stay within states that have a reciprocal concealed carry agreement with Georgia , of course.

Unknown said...

I've done it a bunch, I had a mass and an out of state Florida covered 30 odd states , airlines never asked for an LTC or if the gun was legal or anything all they ever care is that you declare it and put the red tag in case, always used a locking pelican case and would tuck that in a bigger bag so wasn't as likely to walk off.

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