Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Skull Stomping Sacred Cows


Sometimes in life the truth hurts. Maybe it's a girl you love who makes it painfully clear she doesn't give a fuck about you but still wants to use you. She wants stuff from you and to 'be your friend'. Maybe it's a drill where you perform like shit. Maybe it's a fight (training or real) where somebody kicks your ass because they have better skills or are more physically capable or better conditioned. 

This all sucks. The thing is you can be a wimp who goes home and cries or you can learn from it. 


Florida Tactical said...

Yes. He is spot on. Talk is cheap and action speaks to their commitment. I would stress that many of the radicals are likely illegals or relatives of illegals. Or, they are being hired to organize this, which is all the more frightening.

Harry Flashman said...

I went and read that post. It's a serious subject, but I didn't much care for the High and Mighty Tone the writer used. It's ok to disagree with people on your blog, but I don't think it's really helpful to treat people with utter contempt and call them names.

I wondered what made him the duty expert?

Theother Ryan said...

Florida Tactical, I would wager a 6 pack of craft beer if an entire ANTIFA riot got arrested over half would be white middle class young adults.

Theother Ryan said...

Harry, John is a veteran Army Ranger and Special Forces NCO. I believe he has a Masters in some sort of history. These days aside from his day job John writes books and does firearms/ tactical training.

Self admittedly John had a pretty healthy self confidence level.

I know him a little bit. We have corresponded a lot online and via email plus I took a class from him this fall. In his defense John comes off a lot more aggressive in his writing than in correspondences or in person.

Additionally while maybe the deivery wasn't optimal the fundamental message is dead on. It doesn't make people feel good but John is right.

Harry Flashman said...

Doubtless he knows his stuff. But why make enemies to make your point. He could have done it without being a prick.

I guess the main thing is he reminded me of a Major I had to take orders from who was like that. Bad memories.

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