Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Caches and Holster Thoughts

a recent trip saw me checking up on my operational cache. I swapped out my trusty Glock 19 which had been there for awhile. After consideration I realized with one alibi none of the core members of my tribe had ever shot a Glock. My folks like many non serious gun people of their age range got revolvers in .38/.357mag. As such adults in my inner tribe can all shoot double action revolvers comfortably. There is at least one in every household. Also my outer tribe does not have a single Glock 9mm in it. So putting a wheel gun there just made sense. It of course needed accessories like a belt, holster and speed strips. More on this later.

I inspected the guns there and they were fine. I then lubricated them heavily. Like jiggly butt in a rap video heavily.

Another cache was established. I had most of the core stuff on hand for it. As to description it is probably a mix of an operational cache with some survival stuff.

Still I needed some stuff to round it out. Mag pouches and ammo and some various odds n ends. I suspected it would be about $300 total but the actual cost was closer to double that. I wasn't super worried about it as eliminating dating and going to bars has left my checking account fairly flush. That said I probably could have done a better job estimating costs. The lesson for potentially when putting in a cache on a tighter budget would be to really look at the stuff you need to add and various costs such as shipping.

Also stuff grows faster than you would imagine. What you might envision as a day pack worth of stuff could easily be a full sized ruck. What you might have thought would be one ammo can could easily be 2. I need another ammo can.

Anyway the new cache is established so I am excited about that.

Stuff I forgot to add:
First aid stuff
Local and state maps

Stuff I wanted to add but couldn't afford to:
3x G22 mags with x Mark inserts
$10 face silver
Small solar charger with a few sets of batteries
Full sized Glock .40 cal

Back to holsters. So between swapping stuff out for one cache and making another I ended up bringing guns to a couple places. At both places the guns were compatible with ones the people at those places have. That wasn't an accident.

At both places this led to the inevitable dude gun show and tell. At both places somewhere in the conversation I realized the guy might not really have a holster. At the first he had no holster. So I handed mine to him. At the second he was using a cowboy style leather holster for a Glock.

At the first place I need to buy another holster. If things are bad enough I am carrying that particular gun he will want to be doing the same. Obviously two people cannot use the same holster at the same time. At the second place it wasn't an issue as I am holster rich for that gun and the open model one size fits any 9/.40 Glock Raven Concealment Eideon just happened to be surplus in my bag.

The thing is that this got me thinking. Lots of people own handguns that live in glove boxes and safes and nighstands without holsters. If you are (as I suspect most here to be) the survivalist in your group and have the resources/ space it might not be a bad idea to fix that. Or give them as Christmas/ b day gifts.

The same could be said for ammo. To a lot of folks 2x 50 drive boxes is a lot of ammo. This reminds me I need to order 500rds of .38 special.



Aesop said...

For cost and bare carry utility, don't overlook the plain jane Uncle Mike's basic nylon series with thumb strap, usually available at Wally World for under $20@, in sizes to fit anything.
Not sexy, not tacticool, but they'll work, and last like hell for cheap, and far better than shoving it in a beltband.

Anonymous said...

Where is the $10 in silver on your prioity scale? It seems to me that a wad of $20s and $10s would be just as useful when you are looking at between one and two bills.

Theother Ryan said...

Aesop, Agreed. A couple of those are in my plans party due to cost. A second benefit of the 'one size fits most' format of those holsters is it could work for Bobs Beretta and Toms Springfield XD.

Theother Ryan said...

@5:17, I didn't buy it so obviously not at the top of the list. Reference cash I carry a decent bit of cash on me when traveling. Probably about $600 plus when I am more than an hour from home. Also if the system is up I could access my normal bank account and my credit card could buy a pretty nice used car.

The silver would be for the potential situation where I got to the cache after some kind of major event. Like to have something to barter with.

Pineslayer said...

I buy holsters even if I'm not sure if I need them. A deal is a deal. I guess I might have a problem. That goes for guns, ammo, gear, packs... My wife is very tolerant and cute :)

There might be money in starting a 12 step program for people like me, and in buying our extra gear.

Anonymous said...

Sir, with this comment:
" I then lubricated them heavily. Like jiggly butt in a rap video heavily."

You have won the internet.

As for pistol accoutrements , for anything worth keeping in the safe, a corresponding Plano/ammo can has a holster, magazines, nylon belt (current army issue is <$5), and a box of 'range ammo' and a box of 'war ammo'.

This stuff is not in a safe, just marked with weapon type/caliber and put nearby.

Dang- I just realized some basic cleaning gear needs to go in there!

Dammit! I knew something has been nagging on my mind.....

Anonymous said...

12 step program isn't for me - I'm no quitter, lol.

Like Pineslayer above, I also purchase holsters where can be found for smaller cost (gun show used bins often find good results). Shoulder holsters especially, technically both concealed and non concealed if not covered with a jacket.

A 3x canvas shirt over my 1x frame does pretty good work as both shirt / jacket.

And small optics is worth the addition, even if a cheap monocular. Surprising what can be found at pawn shops nowadays.

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