Friday, March 3, 2017


Hey Folks, Its been awhile. Figured I would say hello. Not a ton of exciting stuff going on here. I recently got back into school for a masters so that's good. Between that, BJJ and trying to refocus on fitness I'm kinda busy. Doing dry fire also but nothing too crazy.

Kinda taking a break from dating to work on myself and just decompress. Stuff is exhausting.

On the downside I got a cold which turned into an ear infection. So that sucks.

On the up side I will be establishing a new cache soon. So that is good.

So all in all except for my ear hurting, which antibiotics should fix soon, I am doing pretty well. Hope the same can be said of you all. 


Pineslayer said...

All sounds good except for the ear. Working on pack caches here, going to stash them around here and not.

Harry Flashman said...

Sometimes it gets hard to work on a blog. They start out as just a hobby and then they morph into something that gets to be a chore.

You've lived a lot since I first starting reading your blog, back when there were two authors. Been a lot of years and a lot has changed.

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