Sunday, March 5, 2017

Reader Comment- Cache Stuff

Good to hear, you do have that stuff on hand now right!?

Like most survivalists who have been at it awhile I have put a decent amount of stuff back over the years.   I hesitate to pick an exact start point for me as a survivalist as I always had some of those tendencies but if I did it would be roughly a decade ago. 
On a tangent to newer survivalists overwhelmed with all the stuff they think they need I would say to be patient. Even on a fairly tight budget if you are consistent you will have all the stuff you need in a lot less time than you would think. 
As survivalist we have a nasty tendency to just stockpile stuff in our garages, basements and barns. Same with guns in our safes. You don't need the stuff for a 3rd or 8th spare bug out bag at your primary residence. You need it somewhere else. Somewhere you could end up in a bad situation. 
For this cache the only stuff I have purchased is the ammo and a can to put it in. There is some fudging that because I put in stuff like underwear, some jeans and a pair of boots I will probably end up replacing. However at a minimum that will let me spread out the cost of the cache over a little but more time. 
Sort of like Meister said I am caching good stuff. For me the caveat to that is I think caches can be a great place for functional but maybe not perfect stuff. Like in this cache I'm putting an Ontario Air Force Shrvical Lnife I ordered once just cuz I was curious about them. Fine serviceable knife, just not one I see myself putting into a core system. For clothes useful outdoor stuff that may not be fashionable for everyday wear makes sense. Example, in this cache I am including a green fleece with a unit logo I got at a goodwill for like 3 bucks and an old BDU gortex jacket I must have stolen a decade ago as a dirty specialist. Fleece and great outdoor stuff, just not what I would wear for everyday stuff.

So I put together kind of a combination operational/ survival cache. Basically the stuff to go from being normal everyday Le to an active combatant and some outdoor gear too. Roughly equivalent to a level 3 sustainment set up with a ruck n some sleeping stuff.

I guess the total cost of this cache would be about 3 grand but I had the stuff on hand minus the amp which I'm having delivered there.

Sorry about the lack of links and probably some spelling stuff. I'm posting from my phone as my laptop is basically toast. 

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TandLJackson said...

I've been a prepper since the 70's, but seriously and devout since 2008. I've tested several tons of equipment in my background as a backpacker, survival instructor, firearms instructor, hunter, scouter, et. al. I have rent houses across town and in selected properties, I have 2-man 72 hour kits cached. I can be 20 miles from home and never be more than 4 miles from food, water and shelter. All the gear is stored in 2 5 gallon cans and is discretely packed away in a spot where it is very unlikely to be noticed or disturbed. Key to these caches is the fact each variation of equipment has been tested for the parameters of the cache and all the gear is less than perfect according to my current gear philosophy. All the gear that doesn't make it to first-line or cached goes into a barter box. It's easy to pick up a lot of crap over the years, and caching it is a good way to get rid of it with out really losing it. If the cache is lost, it's really no great loss, for me, i'm just 4 more miles from the next cache.

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