Sunday, April 16, 2017

Carbines, Gear and Life Update

Hey Folks, I've been traveling for work and pretty busy in general. 

I like magnified variable power optics on a carbine. I think Iraq got people so focused on super close range stuff we forgot sometimes we might want to reach out aways. True this is unlikely in my house or right outside it where a fight is likely to happen. Then again if my only concern was that a $300 pump shotgun would be by my bed not a $1,500+ M4. To make good choices shooting at any distance people need magnification. Yes you can hit steel at 300m with an Aimpoint or irons but can you tell if a person is the goblin  you are trying to kill or your cousin running to help?

One guy I was shooting with has a belt and suspenders approach of a scope and a red dot both in good as mounts. He switches to the red dot for use as a house gun and the scope in case he needs it. Expensive but an interesting idea. 

I am halfway through a local carbine class. Some interesting things have come from that. The instructor is an old time Cooper purist so he wants people to use OWB strong side holsters. I actually didn't have one for my g19 without a light. So I ordered one. I didn't have a single chest rig that was compatible with it. So with that holster set up I can use a plate carrier with a couple mags stuck on or the costa leg rig. I like the Costa Leg rig though I need suspenders for it if I'm going to wear it all day.

I am pretty happy with the Burris MTAC. Seems about the same as a red dot up close and way better for distance.  

I could see that as something I could wear all the time and still do stuff. 

For a house setup I'm thinking I'll have a pair of pants with a holster and handgun stuff. Good for a knock at the door. Carbine stuff will be on the PC with an IFAK. 

As to life. I'm pretty busy with work, school, running and BJJ. 

Doing a diet thing and will talk more about that later. 

What is coming up? More shooting. Maybe another class. More organization. 


Simon Maguire said...

For a house setup most people have a pair of slip on boots but how many people try them on with out socks. You can guest how I find this out but with a lot of boots you can not get them on with out socks and if you do get them on they are even harder to get off than get on.

Theother Ryan said...

Simon, I keep some shoes there.

Anonymous said...

How do you like the Burris MTAC? I'm personally between that and the new Vortex 1-8x Strike Eagle. Didn't know what pushed to one versus the other. Any advice on low power variables?

Keep your powder dry.

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