Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bug Out Realities

I am in the midst of redoing some systems. It is important to do this every so often. This is important to do regularly to rotate items, make sure everything is still working and such. Also from time to time it is important to re look out concepts.

I have been trying to step back and look more realistically at things. Less red dawn/ walking dead fantasy and more everyday real life. Also as I do move I need to adapt to different environments.

What is changing these days:
- My fighting load plans in concealing the pistol and it's spare ammo if just under a normal shirt. Also working on being able to conceal rifle ammo.
- My bug out bag is getting heavily re done. It will basically be my car 'get home bag' beefed up a bit.   Much heavier on low profile with a concept of use more focused on the realistic scenario where I end up crashing at someone's place or in a motel then some live in the woods fantasy. Kind of an overnight bag with some survival stuff in it.
- This bag is going to stay in my vehicle which eliminates unneeded redundancy. The only exclusion will be the stuff that currently lives in my safe. I am going to organize that stuff into a small easy to grab pouch which will be ready to go in the safe. With this set up I could be out of the house with the absolute must grab stuff in well under 5 minutes.

More to follow later.

Are your systems tempered for your area and realistic scenarios?


Anonymous said...

I also have been transforming my jeep gear from "bug out" to 'get home'. Also working on the low-profile end of things. Changed my bag from a black one to a dark blue with black trim Lowe Alpine civilian version of a 3 day assault pack.

Anonymous said...

If its going to be in vehicle indefinitely, plan on removing it EVERYTIME you have the car serviced or risk having it stolen. I keep a BTN (better than nothing) kit made from an AK-47 magazine bag with some goodies in there and had it stolen the ONE time I forgot to do that. No firearms involved, but some items that are no longer sold and cost a good piece of change to replace were taken. My fault completely, though scum bag employee has some blame to share.

I come from much older time, graduated in 1981. Back then, firearms on campus were not a deal at all, deer rifles left in pickup window gun racks were pretty commonly seen. Wish that time still existed, but that is now long gone. I wish I could keep a firearm inside my vehicle safely.

Harry Flashman said...

I'm not bugging out (unless I'm burned out) but I am practicing my "bugging in" plan this month. No buying groceries or anything else. Usually I do this for two weeks but this year we decided to go four weeks. If we run out of medicine, or anything else, then I know my plan is seriously flawed and I'll have to adjust it.

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