Saturday, May 13, 2017

Reader Question: Bug Out Realities

Harry Flashman said "If you have to flee, where (in general theory) would you go? I'm not asking specifically, just your thoughts. If I had to abandon my compound I'd be screwed. The only place I can think to go in the event of some major Black Swan event would be deeper into the Appalachian mountains, where I would surely starve when winter came. Remember the old guy in "The Road" played by Robert Duvall? I don't want to end up like that."

Ryan here: Harry, There is a disconnect between what I am thinking about and preparing for in this context and what you are thinking about. You are focused on a black swan type event sort of in line with what survivalist authors love writing about. I am focused on events which fall short of that. 

There are many reasons a person might need to leave where they live, if just for a period of time. Natural disasters such as storms, hurricanes, tornados, wildfire, etc come to mind. Social unrest is another. Various occasional events such as gas leaks, overturned rail cars with nasty chemicals, etc happen also. 

The point here is there are a bunch of actual real life (vs survivalist fantasy and or very unlikely events) reasons you might need to leave your home in a hurry. 

These problems also have the advantage of bejng much more manageable than an EMP and cannibal hordes. I am not "bugging out" to be mad max or the man and son from 'The Road', I'm probably going to be in a Motel 6 in the nearest unaffected city ordering take out and talking with my insurance company.

Along these lines my gear is set up accordingly. Stuff like sleepwear, deodorant, an IWB holster for the G19, clothes I could wear in normal society, etc. Sure there is good, water purification, first aid, etc. It is roughly a 50/50 mix between overnight bag and a more conventional 'bug out bag'.

I hope that explains my thinking. 

What you could do? 

For the more likely fire scare, sudden trip to the hospital, race up to see the kids in an emergency you could put together a kit like mine. 

For the black swan/ conventional survivalist scenario. I would find a couple of places that are abandoned or very isolated and cache a bunch of gear there. Lots of effort and implied tasks but it would give it the ability to leave your place quickly and have some logistics. 


Harry Flashman said...

Well, I don't give much thought to anything that wouldn't force me out of here, and the only thing that could do that would be a forest fire. Economic collapse, EMP, failure of the Grid for technical reasons, Hurricanes, etc. I'm better off here than I would be anywhere else.

A forest fire could burn me out, but I'd be going to town and getting a motel room for that. My insurance covers living in a motel until my place is rebuilt, so worst case scenario for the forest fire, assuming I get out with my animals, is just being bored and having to rebuild.

I guess if I lived on the coast I'd have to take a different tack, but living here, about the worst that can happen with storms is a couple of weeks without power . That's not fun but it's not a big deal, I can get by on the generator for as long as I have diesel, and I have beau coupe diesel.

Are you going to "Bug In" in the event of some truly disruptive event, or stay at your place? I don't know where you live anymore, and of course , I'm not asking.

Florida Tactical said...

My bug out plans center around two scenarios. The first is what you described, a hurricane *Florida boy here, and the less likely but possible EMP, economic collapse or biologic incident *Ebola/bird flu. Anything in the second category demands two levels of travel. My family can get to the first location, which is outside the 30 miles from my metro area. Solar and wells make it safe enough for a moderate level of security. The second is in the mountains of North Carolina where an emergency that gave us time to get there would enable us to hunker down away from a large and desperate population. Getting to either of these locations wouldn't require a bug out bag per say. It requires that we are pre-planned and can quickly get on the road. All of which I have ready and have pre-tested. I live in a large metro area and getting away from people is a priority. If Harry is already in a low density area, hunker down. Being on the road for any length of time is more dangerous than taking your chances at home.

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