Friday, May 12, 2017

Systems and Progress

My BOB is repacked. I still need to add a couple things but the core of it is set up. I need to add one of those recharging things as well as a phone charger. Also a couple maps specifically for the bag. My safe stuff (cash, vehicle titles, etc) is in a small backpack ready to grab in the safe.

I repacked my Go Box A to reflect my current firearm stash. So .22lr for the 10/22, .380 for the LCP, 9 for the Glock, 5.56 for the AR and 7.62. A couple mags for the core guns and one each for the nice to haves plus a mag pouch for the AR, a holster for the Glock and cleaning stuff round it out.

A pair of pants sit by the speedy cabinet with 2x each Glock and AR mags n a holster. That sits on a very comfortable pair of leather slip on shoes. By that is a PC with 2 more AR mags, a Glock mags an a med kit. With that set up I would have 3 spare Glock mags and 4 AR mags. For me that's all I can see needing these days. Sure if things went totally to shit I might want more but that won't happen overnight and I have another rig for that anyway.

I would like to go to the new Haley DC3 rig and eventually I will.

At the current juncture I am pretty happy with this system. Next is the heavy bug out stuff. Also I might make a full on mad max set up just for fun.


Unknown said...

Full mad max set up for the win!

Seriously, my safe stuff (birth certs, cash, personal papers, etc) are in aloksac bags. Putting them in a zipper pouch that'd drop in a backpack makes a lot of sense.


Harry Flashman said...

If you have to flee, where (in general theory) would you go? I'm not asking specifically, just your thoughts. If I had to abandon my compound I'd be screwed. The only place I can think to go in the event of some major Black Swan event would be deeper into the Appalachian mountains, where I would surely starve when winter came. Remember the old guy in "The Road" played by Robert Duvall? I don't want to end up like that.

Pineslayer said...

My packs are in constant flux, so it has come the point of having multiples for each scenario. 2 BOB choices, fighting until dead or going dark. Working on a better trap/snare set up, going with Canterbury's recommendations for that, plus a good fishing kit. Except for firearms, it has gotten done for less than most would think.

Harry makes a point that is often the main topic of bugging out. The only thing that would drive me out is no win scenario, overwhelming forces, or you can just die in place. I would try and survive always because I'm a stubborn SOB. If possible I would circle back and try to dish out some retribution to those who forced me out of my house. And yes it might be, would be, an ugly time.

Harry Flashman said...

I'm basically hiding, counting on my remote location to protect me from The Living Dead, The Golden Horde, and Hungry Girl Scouts Armed With Slingshots.

Short of a forest fire, I'm not budging.

Minor things like getting hurt or whatever, my wife can haul me to town. If she makes sure she is taking me to an "in network provider" who doesn't send labs out to non-in network providers, and who bills as a general practitioner and not a specialist, and who doesn't have a kick back deal with the radiologist.......

otherwise, let me just die in place. I'm not paying those bastards.

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