Sunday, July 2, 2017

Bug Out Bag Repacking

For the sake of simplicity I try to have a minimal amount of systems. EDC, my fighting load which is layered and somewhat modular and my bug out bag. The heavy bug out set up is not really formed into a system per se. That is on my to do list.

My bug out bag lives in the back of my jeep. That does a few things for me. First it removes the need for an additional 'get home bag' which would be yet another system to fill with redundant gear and keep track of. Second and maybe more importantly it gets my BOB out of the house so I have some redundancy there. Third if I had to haul butt what I would do is jump in the jeep and go anyway so why have another thing to load. 

I should probably further define my goals from this bag. My goal is to be able to sustain and move through an urban or small town environment in order to get home or out of danger. What it is not: some kind of wilderness survival bag or military ruck sack aka sustainment load. Why? Well I'm not going to run off into the woods to try to make a cabin an eat squirrels n stuff. I'm either going to be trying to get home, hold up till I can get home or get safely out of some sort of danger. If getting out of danger I'll most likely end up in a Motel 6 a town or a couple hundred miles away depending on the event. Also my bag isn't especially like an infantrymens sustainment load (though there are commonalities) because in my civilian capacity being realistic I am unlikely to do anything like that.

It weights in at 32 pounds with 1 quart of water so 30 dry. Has a full change of clothes, sleep stuff (one module is my impromptu overnight kit aka hoe bag), couple days of food, medical, water filtration, etc.

A downside of it living in my car is I won't keep really high value stuff like cash, pms, my NOD, etc in it. That stuff is packed in a small book bag in the safe. Unless I get a much more secure way of storing stuff in my car like a truck vault which at $1,500 isn't happening soon, or the risk on a oven day goes up it will stay in the safe. Not perfect but such is life.

Notes for myself.

Need to add but couldn't readily find in my place:
-10 meter roll of 550 cord/ duct tape

Need to buy, realistically doable:
- Poncho (I'm on the fence about this)
- Kansas and Missouri state maps
- Burner phone x 2
- Phone charger cord
- Encrypted thumb drive
- Water purification tablets

Wish list aka too expensive to just go get or illegal:
- Lots and lots of cash
- Several fake ids with drivers license, SSN card, passport, etc.
- 9mm silencer
- Dedicated Glock 19 and a folding stock AK. ( AK because with a folding stock I can slip it in a small bag like a cheapo collapsible chair bag and strap it on the side of my BOB). Cost and security are issues here.
- NOD dedicated to BOB
- Small battery charger for above
- Fake mustaches

What's in your BOB? What creative ideas have you used to solve problems with finances and legal limitations?


Anonymous said...

take a look at console vault

Anonymous said...

This is a really good post; now I am re-evaluating my redundant bags.
As for security, I have seen a kind of metal net thing that goes over a bag that is checked on airplanes . Not too heavy, and uses bike cable to lock it.

tweell said...

I tend toward the electronic toys, but try to keep it light and simple (hah). My main flashlight in my car get home bag is a phone battery charger:

Note: It's somewhat ruggedized, but not really waterproof. A ziplock bag is cheap insurance.

That plus a USB cable will recharge my phone and my Baofeng UV-3R (yes, I do have the basic Ham tech qual). I also have a folding solar panel with USB, but it lives in the long term tote for now.

Montanalivin said...

I love this type of post, as I am constantly retweeking my get home and bob. Hey Ryan, respectively request you host a bag and contents show and tell.

Theother Ryan said...

Thanks on the console vault idea and net thing. Tweel, I have the flashlight that lives in my pocket and a headlamp in my bag plus probably one of those little key chain lights.

Montanalivin, I am still kinda working it all out but will put that on the list. The next couple of weeks are nuts. I want to look it over again so maybe getting it posted in the next 4-6 weeks is probably doable.

Meister said...

Not dead either, just been busy.

I've had to redo all my regular stuff due to contracting at a secure facility of the private dod variety. They search my vehicle regularly due to a recent security breach. I've gone light weight with mobility and comms as the key element. It's a 20 minute drive or a half day hike through suburban areas to get home, so not a hair raising deal. I just have my older bag at the ready for when I'm heading further away.

Max's recent post really hits the high points of my personal load out considerations with regard to mobility and effective load out use.

Modularity is king.

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