Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Realistic Emergencies- Money not Guns and Gear and Buckets O Food

Recently I had an emergency. I didn't need my pocket rocket .380 or my trusty AR. Did not need buckets of rice and beans or body armor or night vision. Know what I needed, MONEY!

Our friend commander zero talked about this recently, well more or less. 

From losing jobs to surprise car repairs or medical problems or legal issues that require a lawyer the common denominator is these problems cost money. The way to solve them is with cash. Yes a bunch of food stashed is a good thing and can displace some expenses but good luck sending your landlord or bank 200 pounds of rice as payment!

One of the blind failures in survivalism and its hipper more politically correct brother preparedness is focusing too much on unlikely or outright fantasy (the classic grid down collapse apocalypse porn stuff) at the expense of failing to adequately prepare for much more likely real life events. 

Got Emergency Fund?


TandLJackson said...

Dead on. I lost a job and was out of work for a while, but fortunately I had some reserves. I learned quickly that losing a job can be TEOTWAWKI for some. I landed another job after a year which allowed me to replenish cash and add substantially to it while maintaining my prepper lifestyle. Now I have a couple years supply of cash and food and enough ammo to last the rest of my life. In my life, as a manager in Logistics, An IT pro in banking and engineering, I've learned a few things. Among them, pay yourself 10% off the top. Keep it in gold, silver or cash but don't put it in a bank. Pay yourself first. Don't use debt unless you can pay it immediately. Use the bank, don't let them use you. Use cash stored in a bank (CD) as collateral against your loan and you will never pay more than 3% interest. If TEOTWAWKI happens, use the CD to pay the note then rebuild and regroup. Prepping is a great hobby, but realistically, you are more likely to experience financial disaster long before you NEED to break into freeze dried food or ammo spam cans. Budgeting is critical. You have to determine whether beer, cigarettes, ammo or food are more important if you can't afford them all. Short term satisfaction versus long term viability. All these things boil down to self discipline.

Meister said...

At one time or another, everything I've purchased has been used as a crutch or lifeline. The food got me through a 3 week stint that had me down for the count with surgery and my wife thousands of miles away for work. My 10yo at the time grabbed a pail and we had a months worth of food at our disposal while I was unable to drive or lift anything over 2 pounds.

Cash is the greatest resource. With enough of it, you can fix all the other problems. If you don't have a large cash store, you're behind. Every dollar you spend on the cool stuff should have an accompanying dollar or two in the safe. If you don't, you can't afford the cool stuff.

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