Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I Can Haz Podcast?

Hey, Do you guys and gals listen to podcasts? If so where do you download/ stream them from?

Would you be interested in listening to a podcast if I were to produce one?

If so any thoughts/ ideas/ suggestions would be appreciated. If any of you are involved in a podcast please drop me an email so we can discuss some of that stuff.

No major decisions made yet but it seems like a newer format with more room for growth would be a good thing.

Thanks in advance.


Aesop said...

Thoughts, in no particular order:

A movie is 60% audio, and 40% visual.
A podcast is a movie with no visuals.
If your audio is crap, people will tune you out at light speed, in seconds.

You need a pin-drop quiet room, and pretty flawless audio.

It doesn't cost a fortune, but it does take some work.

I.E.: You can't be broadcasting your dishwasher, the a/c, your dogs howling in the yard, and the 3:15 freight going by.

A decent USB mic can be had for <$100.

Get a pop filter (look it up if you need to).
If you EVER do location/outdoor stuff, get a wind sock.
(People who don't should be hunted down, and tortured to death slowly, over an open fire, for several days. While forced to listen to their own soundtrack. Just saying.)

Get a good (i.e. decent) sound editing program.

ProTools is movie-quality, but any of the garage band programs by major software
companies, like Sony Acid Studio, etc., will do everything you want.

Learn to use it before you do your first real podcast.

Do that by doing a few trial runs, listening to them, and seeing where something went sideways. Then fix all that before the first one you release.
So that your first, and all subsequent ones, sounds flawless.

You should be listening to the output on decent headphones. They don't have to be $300 studio standard playback 'phones, but they shouldn't be $5 EarCandy earbuds either.

Your own voice played back to you will sound weird to you. Get over it.

Figure out a standard length you're shooting for. Stick close to that.
(I'd go with shorter at first, while you learn what you're doing. Say 3-5 minutes, if that fits your intended content.)


Aesop said...

However long it is, HAVE. A. SCRIPT.
If necessary, word for word.
But at minimum, thought for thought, so you hit all the points you want to cover.
And it should have an Intro, the Points, and a Wrap-up. Just like your high school English teacher, and your Techniques of Military Instruction teacher told you.

But you can't podcast "I uhhhh, ummm, wellll...lemme see here....".

Rule of thumb: one page of double-spaced words is about a minute and a half of air time, if you're not speaking too fast, or too slow.
So a three minute podcast should fit on two pages, max.
Five minutes on about three.
Get a stopwatch, read a page of something, and get an idea how long it takes to say it, and use that as a planning guide for how much to write/say/cover in the podcast.

It you biff it, decide whether you'll do it all over, or you'll pick up where you screwed up, edit out the good, and do it that way.

Learning to either edit in your head, or better yet, edit before you have to say the words by editing your script, will save you a lot of time editing after you step on your tongue doing the podcast.

Pre-read and rehearse it a time or two, before you do the performance.
Mike Rowe can just point a camera at himself and do 3-5 minutes on his point, but he's got 10-20 years of media experience that you don't. Podcast radio is the easiest way to break into the gig -- IF you follow the rules.

All of this is what happens on any radio show, except with the podcast, you're the engineer, talent, producer, editor, and everything else. No one else to help you (unless you know somebody with broadcast experience), and no one to blame if it sounds like ass.

But with a small amount of forethought and effort, you can turn out some good work.

Take a listen to Culper's podcasts over on Forward Observer ( he does them pretty well, and he's been at it for about 70 or so of them. So do any number of other folks. And about three times as many are like fingernails on a chalkboard, and should be on a Wanted: Dead poster somewhere.
(If you listen to any that you like, that sound well-done, like you want yours to be, I'd e-mail them directly and ask for tips, and lessons learned: they'll be pure gold for someone just starting.)

A few easy to access resources I'd recommend:
(they're about to release a 2017 edition of this one)

Best wishes on the effort.

Matt LBS said...

I'd listen

Unknown said...

I'd be into it. Under 30 mins seems to be key. Definitely have a script, even if it's just bullet format.


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