Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Re: Quote of the Day, Be Real Edition

This Fact Bomb over at Tams Place. 

You need to be able to defend yourself bare handed and fight your way to the  employ a handgun. Rifles/ carbines are great and the ideal answer for home defense. Still if you were being realistic that training would be shooting the rifle at 0-10, maybe 20 yards wearing your choice in sleepwear. Also it would be mostly done in the dark. 

The one valid dissenting opinion I could see is based on what you think the next few years will be like. The rate of home invasions may well increase. Still you aren't going to be headed to work or the grocery store (which you will be doing) with a PC, rifle and a dozen mags. Reality is that most fights are going to be hands/ knives/ pistols. Rifles are less likely and, at least in the context of CQB, easier to use effectively. By virtue of multiple points of contact, long sight radius, increases lethality and inherent shootability there is a reason that (non military) rifle/ shotgun fights don't last long! 

I think it is important to differentiate between useful training you need and fun, which may be semi useful. Take the cool guy class where you shoot from a helicopter and do precision rifle stuff at 800 meters. Just do that with your fun time and money. 


riverrider said...

roger, that's why i'm training my wife at 10 feet and less, even contact with the man target. in her situation, bad guy will be on her by the time she decides to engage and draws her gun. two in the chest, rest in the head. drive right over any leftovers. she'll do it too,lol.

Anonymous said...

Beware unintended consequences. As a Vietnam combat Marine, I trained my wife in hand to hand techniques, and more importantly, warrior attitude. Avoid fights, but if you find yourself in one, no quarter. That was all well and good, until she developed early-onset alzheimers. It was tragic and devastating, but she retained physical skills. She could deliver a blow with hands or feet and was not above scratching or biting you in the face. This usually showed up shortly after she would shout "who are you and what are you doing in my house?". Plan all you want, but you cannot plan for everything. She died at 53, nine years ago, and I still have marks.

Harry Flashman said...

I'm staying on the mountain, and not going much out of my area. I still carry a pistol, and keep a rifle in the truck/car, but now I just want to be left the *** alone.

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