Friday, October 13, 2017

Not Dead, Just Busy

Hey Folks! I'm not dead. Between a heavier class load, both of which were real math heavy (which immbad at), a new part time job, a budding relationship an the normandemands of work/ pt/ etc I've been a busy guy.

Lots of good things happening in meatspace though!

In terms of preps I have been filling some little holes. Got a kydex double mag pouch for the G19 and another Swiss Army knife. Also the local Walmart knocked the 150 gr SP ammo my bolt gun likes down to $15 an change from the usual shade under 20 so I got 4 boxes.

Reorganized my vehicle kit down to about half its previous size. Basically it's a book bag sized backpack, a change of clothes with boots and the usual jumper cables/ flares/ etc. I think it is at a good balance between functionality and space/ bulk.

It looks to me like the current Bull market is reaching the point of irrational exuberance. A big correction is coming soon. At 23-24k I see a psychological barrier coming in and of itself and there is a lot of crazy floating around. Yes I am calling it publicly. I shifted to investment grade bonds to ride out what I see coming. I'll buy back in progressively after the dip. You might want to consider your own preservation of capital moves. Obviously having a tangible safety net of physical precious metals, ammo, etc is prudent but you really do need growth for the long term. Make your own assessments and decisions.

Anyway I hope you all have a good weekend.

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